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Dr. Giuseppe Catenazzo

Dr. Giuseppe Catenazzo


Giuseppe Catenazzo is a certified professional researcher (PRC) and a doctoral (PhD) candidate and teaching and research assistant in management at HEC University of Geneva, Switzerland. He holds a Master of Research in Management from the University of Nice, France, an MSc from the University of Savoy, France, a Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Environmental Economics from the University of London, UK, and a Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration from the University of Aosta Valley, Italy. He was formerly a teaching and research assistant at the Geneva School of Business Administration (HEG), where he co-headed several research projects on business and environmental management within the school’s Laboratory of Market Studies. He is the co-author of a book on services management, La gestion des services (in French, Paris, 2008) and peer-reviewed papers on risk, services, and environmental management, and he has presented his works at several international research conferences across Europe. He lectures and conducts research in English, French, and Italian, and has basic knowledge of German, Spanish, and Portuguese.

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