Ai May Ong

2022 Management Report

Driving green logistics: a service offering for companies in the chemical industry

Sustainability has been trending, and companies have been exploring ways to incorporate environmental considerations into their supply chain management.  Green Logistics has thus become one of the key strategies to give companies a competitive edge. Drive2Green, a startup consulting business, helps companies jump-start their implementation journey towards a more sustainable logistics model. The company differentiates itself by offering specialized services for a targeted customer base which are the SMEs in the chemical sector.  The solutions are personalized, customized, and ‘bite-sized’ with flexible pricing packages according to clients’ needs and objectives. This business partnering model delivers better value-added services leading to a positive engagement experience for both the associates and the clients. Overall, Drive2Green is very practical, pragmatic, and has a good runway forward. It certainly sets itself on the right starting path to achieve its goal to be the leader in catalyzing a world of sustainable logistics.