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What is Entrepreneurial Learning?

The aim of the Entrepreneurial Learning in our Bachelor of Business Administration is to provide students with a genuine entrepreneurial experience. Such an experience sets the foundation for both the development of strong Entrepreneurship skills as well as of the development of a powerful Entrepreneurial Mindset. Both will be an asset in all areas of their professional life for our Entrepreneurial Learning BBA graduates.

Entrepreneurial Learning calls for a renewed approach of Bachelor studies. The academic relevance of  classroom teaching commands only part of the learning path. The challenges of real-world achievements by the students, accelerate and deepen their understanding of business knowledge and the development of business skills. A specific program timeline and design are both necessary to create a space for the confrontation with these real-world challenges to happen.

Program timeline and design

Our BSL Entrepreneurial Learning path, means that students will be the actors of their learning experience by taking ownership of their learning journey.

The number of mandatory study subjects during the “Prepare phase”  and the “Consolidate phase” is limited and numerous electives are proposed during those phases.

More importantly, the two “Full Immersion phases” are completely defined by the student, and can lead to the following experiences, which can be combined.

Students will be able to choose from these options:

  • Employment Experience: Enroll in an internship program in Switzerland or abroad to learn more about business and enhance your profile in practicing the knowledge-learnt during your first year of studies.
  • Impact Experience: Gain practical skills through volunteering for small or large NGOs based in Switzerland or abroad in being directly involved in social projects or empowering small foundations building their business capabilities to make a difference locally.
  • Applied Business Project: Work on your entrepreneurial idea and develop a business plan for a start-up with the support of a BSL mentor or work on an entrepreneurial project within your network or within BSL community supporting in bringing the project to the next level.
  • Academic Experience (available only for your second immersion): Develop your research skills and work on a business case research on an industry of interest for you. You will explore a business field and collect primary and secondary data to build a Business Case research, adding value in proposing a teaching case out of this project.

Entrepreneurial Mindset development through full immersion learning

Full immersion into the business world, creates the conditions for real-life challenges. Such conditions cannot be recreated in vitro, in the safe routines of the classroom.

The Full Immersion phases are prepared with the support of various partners, including the program direction, the BSL Career Center and incub&co, the start-up incubator partner of BSL.

The Full Immersion phase assessment is based on an exclusive Entrepreneurial Mindset development method. This unique approach aims at the constant development of the entrepreneurial self.

What are the Attributes of the
Entrepreneurial Mindset ?

The Prepare phase

The Prepare phase exposes students with the foundations of Business education, while at the same time it provides access to the tools and support for the definition of the first semester of Full Immersion.

The mandatory courses of the Prepare phase are:
  • Business Mathematics and Calculus
  • Business Statistics
  • Financial Accounting and Reporting
  • Fundamentals of Micro & Macro Economics
  • Introduction to Corporate Strategy
  • Introduction to Marketing Strategy and Planning
  • Personal Branding and International Business Etiquette
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Research Methods
  • SDG Explorer
  • Social Media for Business
  • Strategic Global Human Resources Management
The elective courses of the Prepare phase are:
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Effective Self Management
  • English and Writing for Business
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • International Business and Economics
  • Introduction to Business and Management
  • Introduction to Project Management

The Consolidate phase

The Consolidate phase exposes students with in-depth Business knowledge. Together with the assessment of the first semester of Full Immersion, the courses of the Consolidate phase aim at the definition of the most relevant experience for the second semester of Full Immersion.

The mandatory courses of the Consolidate phase are:
  • Entrepreneurship
  • International Corporate and Business Law
  • Supply Chain and Operations Management
The elective courses of the Consolidate phase are:
  • Business Decision-Making Under Constraints
  • Digital and Marketing Analytics
  • Digitalization and Innovation
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Financial Management
  • Game Theory for Business
  • Introduction to Big Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • Management Accounting and Performance Management
  • Marketing Communications
  • Principles of International Finance
  • Sales & Introduction to Negotiations
  • Solving Big Problems
  • Web Design and Development

Program Format

Duration: 3 years

Start Date: September, November, February and May

Number of courses: 28 courses and 8 BIW

Workload: 3-5 half-day classes (Mon-Fri) plus homework

Number of terms: 4 terms, comprising of 10 weeks, per academic year

Program credits: 200 ECTS

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