Entrepreneurial Learning

Experiential Learning

Become your own teacher through Experiential learning

Experiential Learning is the 21st Century Learning

Experience makes for a simultaneous understanding of the big picture, the stakes, the challenges, and the potential solutions. Complex knowledge is, therefore, easier to grasp through experience than explanation.

BSL was founded with the vision of a faculty of practitioners bringing their business experience directly into the classroom. Today, BSL expands the part of experience in learning by making essential phases of learning an experience, even, on many occasions, a business experience.

All BSL Bachelor and Master programs have experiential learning components that you will discover on this page.

The overall volume of experiential learning depends on your choices because you know the type of experience you are looking for. Therefore, some routes at Bachelor levels or Capstones at Master level make for an intensification of the Business experience.

Classroom learning is made experiential by active learning

As practitioners, our professors have a taste for hands-on teaching, especially when it comes to hard skills (coding, quantitative methods, finance). They pay special attention to design learning activities that call for the development of your personal skills by working on real-life case studies.

With various co-working spaces available and classroom technologies turned towards collaboration, BSL provides a learning environment that support active learning at every stage of its delivery.

An essential part of the experiential learning dimension of the classroom time is the meeting with our guest speakers. As external experts and active professionals, guest speakers bring fresh food-for-thought coming directly from the latest evolutions of the business world.

Business Innovation Weeks

With the Business Innovation Weeks, we want our students to become their own teachers because it is the best way for them to become life-long learners.

Four times per year, BSL Bachelor and Master students take full ownership of all the teaching activities. They design the program, connect with guest speakers, set up the schedule, and run the various lectures and workshops.

The production of a full week of teaching and learning is a complete business-running experience for the students. It also provides BSL with a renewed understanding of the students’ needs and interests.

BSL supports the Business Innovation Weeks by providing the students with a budget that they manage independently. The programs direction also gives support and advice during the preparation phases of the various weeks.

Student Council and Clubs

The Student Council is an independent body of BSL that organize social and learning activities for BSL students. Joining the Student Council offers numerous occasions of experiential learning.

As partner of BSL management, the Student Council appoints the Committee and Team in charge of the organization of the Business Innovation Weeks. It participates in all BSL events, including the Welcome Days, the school parties, and the charity actions. The Student Council also organizes its own events and activities independently.

The Student Council is the founding body of the BSL Clubs. The BSL Finance Club and the BSL Sustainability Club propose regular activities to the BSL Students, Alumni and Faculty.

Full Immersion in Business

No business learning is more experiential than the full immersion in Business. We have made sure to offer our students the opportunity to live both the Corporate Business and the Entrepreneurship experiences.

Both BBA and MIB programs have routes that contain internship experiences. The BSL Career Center supports students in the research of the internship that will best fit their needs and interests.

Both BBA and MIB programs also offer the students the opportunity to develop their own business projects and start an entrepreneurship journey. Originally founded by two BSL Alumni, Incub&Co is an incubator set on the BSL campus. Incub&Co is still run today by a BSL Alumna, and is thus the logical first destination for BSL entrepreneur students.