Impact of Personalization

To what extent can a motto transform a school?

We worded BSL’s motto “Personalized education for global impact” three years ago.

Among other things, we wanted to bring together the microcosms (the individual student) and the macrocosms (the world we want to impact). As an educational institution it is the quickest and most obvious way to contribute to the change we are looking for our (and future) times.

Three years into the use of this motto, I am pleased to see that our focus on personalization has materialized into concrete realizations that benefit all our students.

To me, there are four specific BSL features that result from personalization:

  • Personal development courses in every program (BBA, MIB and MBA),
  • Personal career counselling offered to all students,
  • Flexibility in curriculum scheduling and course delivery (part-time and dual mode),
  • Possible integration of personal entrepreneurial projects in all curricula.

I am proud to say that personalization is at the root of every student’s journey at BSL. We truly empower the personal profiles and choices of each of our future graduates to help them to reach their goals.

Throughout the last three years, we have made important efforts to place personalization at the heart of our organization. For instance, we have created Biri, a genuinely radical registrar system that coordinates all learning activities with individual study plans, designed for and evolves according to the students’ personal options.

The care for personalization has deeply transformed and empowered BSL as a teaching and learning organization. We can therefore take fairer and more sensible decisions when handling our students’ requests, open more opportunities for their learning journeys, and simply make more of their unique, individual talents.

Yet, personalization is only the first part of our motto. What we really look for is to allow our students to build on their personal profiles and to make the change they want to see in the world. This work is in progress, and I thank our BSL students and graduates for this.

Dr. David Claivaz
Dr. David Claivaz

Acting Dean & CEO of Lemania