Show us your Entrepreneurial Idea!

Calling All High School Students!

Do you have a great idea to build your own business? Then show us your entrepreneurial talent and win exclusive coaching sessions with a former Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based Technology Start-up Accelerator.

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Competition Information

All you have to do is send us your business proposal and explain why this idea is important to you.

Your Business Proposal needs to be a 5page (max) document supported by a short video (2 min) of you introducing and explaining your business idea. When describing your proposal, we recommend the use of the Business Model Canvas.

The best proposals will pass to the final round and the teams will be invited to Business School Lausanne (BSL) to make their pitch in front of the Jury. 

What can you win?

The top business proposals will win a series of entrepreneurial coaching sessions to further develop the proposals and guide the teams towards prototype creation and discover how to take your product to the market. The coaching sessions will be led by Dr. Carlos DaSilva, former Managing Director of the Silicon Valley based Technology Start-up Accelerator “Founder Institute” where he supported on a one-to-one basis over 100 entrepreneurs. By the age of 30, Carlos had co-founded an NGO in Africa, became employee No. 9 of a successful internet start-up that was sold to a large media group, published his first book on Entrepreneurship by SAGE USA and concluded his Ph.D. studies in collaboration with the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, USA.

Find out more about Dr. Carlos DaSilva here.

Discover more about the Business Model Canvas 

The Business Model Canvas (BMC), created by Alexander Osterwalder, is a widely adopted Template that permits companies and start-ups to describe, invent and innovate their business model via its building blocks and their interactions. 

We recommend the use of the BMC to describe your idea, however, we also accept ideas descriptions made via other formats.

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