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Vision: digital and data sciences skills are paramount for sustainability and long-term business success

Today’s doers combine data science skills and entrepreneurship to achieve new forms of sustainable business and foster long-term business success.

Therefore, all our programs provide a mix of hard and soft skills, combining computational thinking and an entrepreneurial mindset with the capacity to implement sustainable business strategies.

Learn to find a path where others only see dead ends.

Did you know?

Our Master’s Program has three intakes per year: September, November and February.

Specialization in Data Science

Short programs also available

Our Executive Certificate of Advanced Studies (E-CAS) and Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS) programs provide MBA-level specializations in Data Science for Executives.

All credits earned can be transferred later into a full MBA or EMBA program.

5 Courses6 Courses + 1 Project
15 ECTS Credits30 ECTS Credits

Data Science Courses

  • Strategy for Business Transformation
  • Data Analysis, Visualization and Management
  • Data Science, Machine Learning and AI in Business
  • Trends Analysis and Scenario Planning
  • Change Management

The Impact of Personalization

The role of and care for personalization has deeply transformed and empowered BSL as a teaching and learning organization.


BSL programs are accredited by The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

BSL management system is ISO 9001 accredited by The International Standard for Organization (ISO).

These accreditations help our students find jobs or continue their studies.

They also help us do our job.

At Business School Lausanne, not only do we teach Business Administration, we create Business Administration practice and knowledge!

Business Administration studies need to reinvent itself.

It is about WHAT is taught in Business, as well as HOW it is taught.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on BSL’s Academic Direction Office & Student Conduct Coordinator, Rebecca Drake! Joining us from America, Rebecca has over a decade of experience in Higher Education. She holds a Masters degree in Education with a focus on Student Affairs.Her passion for student engagement, events, and diversity makes her a vital member of our team, providing the support our students need to thrive.When she is not working, she can be found at home with her husband and two young children. Learn more about Rebecca and the rest of our BSL Team by clicking here: See MoreSee Less
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We are thrilled to share some incredible news!The prestigious European Economic Committee has just released its annual rankings, and BSL has placed second in the Global DBA Rankings for 2023! This remarkable recognition wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering commitment of our faculty, staff, and, of course, the exceptional participants of the program who constantly strive for excellence.To learn more about this accomplishment, please visit here: See MoreSee Less
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BSL Investment Club event
with HEC Finance Club at UNIL

On Wednesday 12th October 2022, the BSL Investment Club and the Finance Club HEC Lausanne promoted an event featuring guest speakers from the Syz Group.

The Inauguration of the L21 Lab took place on Wednesday 6th April, 2022, alongside the book launch of Dr. Guy Ngayo.

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Two recently published thought-provoking books

I recently had the opportunity to read two books, which were suggested to me by a former professor of BSL,…

“Learning should be a process of discovering for yourself and each person’s discoveries will be unique to themselves. You shouldn’t be told what to discover.”


Expert in 21st Century Pedagogy

“The BBA is a fun yet challenging program which teaches me the most important parts of business today. The combination of small classes with professors who care is a unique learning opportunity.”


BBA Millennial Alumnus

BSL’s Reflection: Continued Efforts Towards Sustainability

Read our President’s blog about Long-term Engagement of BSL for Sustainability &
consult our 2022 communication on engagement and progress reports:

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