Master’s Degree with Concentration in Sustainability

  • Become a forward-looking expert in sustainability
  • Get the skills tomorrow’s employers will research
  • Taste a hands-on approach to learning

Sustainability for Doers

Sustainability drives most of today’s economic policies, social changes, and challenges in the international agenda.

Proven and innovative business skills, combined with an understanding of Sustainability imperatives, will empower you to become a concrete actor of change.

Our Master’s curriculum with a concentration on Sustainable Business is geared toward building leaders and social entrepreneurs. It aims at those who share a strong desire to master the capabilities to initiate sustainability-focused business impact within local or global organizations or start their own social enterprise.

You will master the sought-after competencies to initiate the transformation required for sustainable business. 

You will have the opportunity to learn from industry leaders in sustainability transformation and culminate your degree with our signature customizable capstone experience! 

Program structure: navigating the 7C’s

There are 7C’s that profile all master studies at BSL.

C1: Concentrations

We have designed 3 concentrations that give perspectives on Business Administration:  Entrepreneurial Leadership, Finance & Sustainability.

C2: Core Curriculum

The core curriculum of our Master of International Business is packed with the skills that make a real difference in a Business program: Coding, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Entrepreneurial Skills, to name a few.

C3: Capstones

Capstones give space to your personal initiatives. You can opt for a paid internship in Switzerland, the development of your entrepreneurial project, a semester in a leading Chinese university, or even the preparation for the CFA Examination.

C4: Cross-curricular activities

You will have numerous opportunities to interact and work with students of other concentrations on activities out of the classroom, building on their field of specialization or yours.

C5: Career

Our Career Center will provide you with specific support in the search for your internship and future job.

C6: Community

BSL Community is made of Students and Professors, but also Entrepreneurs, Authors, Researchers, Alumni, Guest Speakers.

C7: Creations

Experiential Learning is at the heart of our learning approach. It empowers you as a creator, from contributing to the Business Innovation Weeks to creating your own company.

Program Format

Duration: 18 months

Start Dates: September and February

Number of courses: 18 (Coursework is completed over the first 1 year)

Workload: 4-5 half-day classes per week (Mon-Fri) plus independent learning

Experiential Learning: Four 1-week long Business Innovation Weeks (BIW)

Number of terms: 4 terms per academic year. Each term takes 10 weeks (9 weeks course work, 1 week BIW), plus 2 terms full-time for the capstone

Program credits: 120 ECTS (5 ECTS per course, 2.5 ECTS per BIW and 20 ECTS for the capstone)

Concentration Sustainability Courses

The set of courses that constitute the concentration provides the latest and most relevant knowledge and skills in Sustainability.

  • Circular Economy
  • Responsible Investing Towards Sustainability
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management
  • Gender, Diversity, and Inclusion in Business
  • Ethics of Innovation
  • Sustainable Business Strategy
  • SDG Goals

Core curriculum: Tools for the Digital Transformation

Digitalization is the empowerment of individuals never seen in history. It has an essential impact on the skills and knowledge the job market of today and tomorrow is requiring. We have, therefore, made sure the core curriculum of the Master of International Business comes with a complete toolkit for digital transformation, including coding for business, data science, computational thinking, big data, and artificial intelligence.

No matter which field you are interested in or the area of work that life brings you to, these foundational skills will be ones that you can build upon to reach your goals.

Find out more about the courses you will be taking at BSL.

Career: possibilities are endless

A Master’s degree must be a step towards the job of your dreams; not just a first job, or an ambitious career plan.

BCV, Novartis, UEFA, KPMG, United Nations, Microsoft, AirBnB, Warner Bros, Merck Group, WWF, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Nestlé, Infiniti, World Economic Forum, IBM, Philips, Medtronic, World Health Organization, Ferrero and European Investment Bank.

These companies might be familiar to you and they are to us as well. Our alumni have successfully landed positions with these companies. 

With help from the Careers Office, you will have direct access to companies and internship positions in industries that are related to your area of study. Having access to internships will not only complement your studies, but it will give you the opportunity to enhance your network as well as to gain real-world experience prior to completing your degree and often increase your chances for employment when you successfully become a Master in the field of business.

Find out more in the career & employability section of this program.


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