Our Team

Business School Lausanne is a self-organized institution. While we have no managers in the house, we energize multiple roles with passion, enthusiasm, professionalism, and responsibility. We have chosen to use Holacracy as our “operating system” to facilitate our journey to become an impactful self-organized institution.

Like most business schools, BSL used to have dedicated President and Dean functions (filled by Philippe du Pasquier from 1996-2015 and Katrin Muff from 2008-2015 respectively). When BSL introduced self-organization and power distribution through Holacracy in September 2015, our hierarchical functions needed to be reconsidered as well. We thus no longer have one person who receives and treats items related to these functions and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this. We would love to help you find the right person for the question you might have.

Our administration team brings its unique strengths, perspectives, and yearning to do meaningful work in an environment which welcomes wholeness and authenticity.

We look forward to meeting you!

BSL - A Living Organism

Our company is structured into Circles, within which different roles are allocated.

All BSL partners have roles belonging to one or more of these circles:

  • BSL Company

Which has the following sub-circles:

  • Executive Education
  • Undergraduate & Graduate Education
  • Thought Leadership
  • BSL Community Nurturing