Lucia Daboub

Head of Admissions

Nationality: Salvadoran

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Lucia previously worked in PR, Marketing, and Communications. She transitioned into a Business Development role after having completed her Master’s degree in Sales and Business Development in Barcelona, Spain.

With a background in Marketing & Communications, Lucia now leverages her interpersonal skills to establish lasting relationships with partners, customers, and clients in multicultural environments.

Although Lucia is results-driven, her customer-focused approach to sales and business development is where she thrives, as she believes the future of the world resides in the education of individuals, that with values and ethics share their knowledge with others.

Outside her sales role, Lucia’s passion for exploring the world fuels her adventures, allowing her to embrace diverse cultures and broaden her perspective. She dedicates herself to creating educational opportunities for students from various countries, driven by the belief that “Education serves as our compass, helping us identify authentic opportunities and empowering us to apply our knowledge to seize them.”

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