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Research & Publications at BSL

75% of our research output is produced by female faculty.

BSL focuses on applied research mainly in the domains of enabling organizations to become positive contributors to society. This is in line with our mission which seeks “to enable organizations to thrive by co-creating viable business solutions for our planet and its people”. As such, we provide leading edge concepts such as the Business Sustainability Typology BST (Dyllick & Muff) as well as our Responsible Leadership Framework (Muff) which serve as foundations for further consulting activities with companies.

Our Doctoral Program develops case studies based on the BST Typology which are freely accessible online. In 2016, we released our new Thought Leadership strategy aiming to contribute to a transformation of the economy and society by enabling business to positively contribute to a better world through the development of strategic resilience and responsible leaders.

The strategy encapsulates what BSL has accomplished over the past three years and provides a beacon for where the school is headed. We welcome collaborations with organizations of all kind – please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss how we can help you advance in your journey.

Download the BSL Thought Leadership Strategy (2016)

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Professor Nicolas Rouiller Publishes Book on International Business Law

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New Consumer Sustainability Perception Index

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The Collaboratory

BSL’s Dean Dr. Muff edited and co-authored “The Collaboratory: A Co-creative Stakeholder Engagement Process for Solving Complex Problems” (Greenleaf Publishing, …Read more

BSL Releases Common Good Audit Report

Business School Lausanne is the first school worldwide to implement the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) organizational matrix  as …Read more

BSL Releases Sustainability Update Report

Business School Lausanne published its 2014 Sustainability Update Report – a comprehensive overview of the school’s progress in key areas …Read more

“The Right Attitude” as a Key Hiring Criterion For Graduate Students in Switzerland

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Planetary Resilience | Article by Dr. Katrin Muff

Shouldn’t business care about the resilience of the planet and our societies before focusing on the survival of a business? …Read more

Dr. Olivier Brenninkmeijer, Creating Conflict Prevention: Negotiating between Preconditions and Influences

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BSL’s Dean featured in The European Business Review with an article on Management Education

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Anwar Habib, Principles of Marketing: Arab world edition

Anwar Habib, DBA Candidate “Principles of Marketing: Arab world edition”. Mr. Anwar Habib has co-authorship the book with Kotler and …Read more

Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL: ACBSP annual edition 2010

Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL This paper examines how a boutique business school in Switzerland has undertaken a profound …Read more

Dr. Katrin Muff, Dean of BSL: Are Business Schools Doing Their Job? – JMD 2012, issue 7

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Dr. Ganesh Nathan, Innovation Process and Ethics in Technology: Towards a Responsible Innovation Governance Framework

Dr. Ganesh Nathan, Professor WiCaNem 2014 (11th Wageningen International Conference on Chain and Network Management) in Capri, Italy, 4-6 June. Dr. …Read more