Case Study published by BSL DBA Student Steven Yamshon

Our DBA candidate, Steven Yamshon, has published a case study that he wrote in 2017.

It is now published in two peer-reviewed journals: the Journal of Economic Perspectives and the Oxford Review on Global History of Capitalism!

Steve co-founded Tech Coast Angels, one of the largest angel organizations in the United States, was involved in over 100 startups and is now Managing Principal of BFSG, a large institutional financial service firm. He has taught investment finance at UCLA for over 25 years.

He decided to pursue a DBA at BSL because of the school’s focus on sustainability, commitment to personalized education, and outstanding faculty!

Take a look at his case study here: Organ Transplants at Cedar Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, and the Third Industrial Revolution

The Oxford Centre for Global History is currently running a project known as The Global History of Capitalism project.

Over the course of the project, they will publish a series of case studies covering a wide range of global capitalism topics.

For additional publications, we invite you to visit the Oxford Centre for Global History by clicking here below: