Voices of BSL: Latest Podcast

This months' podcast features a fascinating chat with BSL Professor Anja Langer Jacquin, who teaches Big Data Analytics and Digital Business Transformation at BSL. Anja shares her thoughts on essential skills in order to navigate a constantly changing world where automation of many current jobs will lead to completely new opportunities and challenges. In particular, curiosity, flexibility, open mindedness, critical thinking and problem solving. Listen to this podcast below or find more here.

Guest Speakers at BSL

BSL students have a chance to expand their network of contacts and meet industry experts through regular guest speaker visits in class. 

Find out who has been speaking to our students.

Gap Frame Week

Check out the action from BSL's Gap Frame Week, where students, faculty, CEOs, managers, NGOs, thought leaders and citizens gather together and confront issues “head-on”. Read more about our latest Gap Frame Week.