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Spring 2024 BIW: A Journey to Explore the Intricate Connections Between Art and Business

Spring 2024 BIW: A Journey to Explore the Intricate Connections Between Art and Business

Organized by the Student Council and our BBA Students This BIW was an immersive experience that offered a space to …Read more

2024 BSL Circular Economy Conference

BSL Blog 2024 04, Circular Economy 2024 Conference

On Friday 19.04.2024, participants of the 2024 edition of the MIB1031 class “Circular Economy” and I, with the kind support …Read more

Pivoting Higher Education to Teach Sustainability

Dr. Bourqui and Dr. Claivaz recently published a seminal article putting BSL’s current approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development …Read more

BSL Achieves its First Institutional Accreditation

BSL becomes Accredited by ATHEA

Business School Lausanne BSL is proud to announce its achievement of first-time institutional accreditation by the Association for Transnational Higher Education Accreditation (ATHEA), a respected international organization dedicated to ensuring quality and continuous improvement in education through institutional accreditation.

BSL Business Innovation Week Review

A huge Thank You to all that made BIW possible Business School Lausanne’s Winter Business Innovation Week took place in …Read more

BSL in the Media

Pivoting Higher Education to Teach Sustainability

Dr. Bourqui and Dr. Claivaz recently published a seminal article putting BSL’s current approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development …Read more

The Java Boost – and we are not talking about coffee

Astrid Widayani is not only a DBA Candidate at Business School Lausanne but is an Edupreneur and experienced director in …Read more

Providing students with the tools they need

Founded over 30 years ago in 1987 by Dr. John Hobbs, Business School Lausanne (BSL) is one of Switzerland’s leading …Read more

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Dr Honoris Causa Award

We celebrate human accomplishment because achievements of others inspire us in our own journey towards making a meaningful difference in the world. From CEOs of multinational companies to entrepreneurs, astronauts and human right advocates, we are humbled by the good will and stellar contribution of our Dr. Honoris Causa recipients.

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Spring 2024 BIW: A Journey to Explore the Intricate Connections Between Art and Business
Spring 2024 BIW: A Journey to Explore the Intricate Connections Between Art and Business

Organized by the Student Council and our BBA Students This BIW was an immersive experience that offered a space to …Read more

BSL Blog 2024 04, Circular Economy 2024 Conference
2024 BSL Circular Economy Conference

On Friday 19.04.2024, participants of the 2024 edition of the MIB1031 class “Circular Economy” and I, with the kind support …Read more

“Call for Research Projects on ‘Decentralized Organizational Design Models”
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Call for Research Projects on “Decentralized Organizational Design Models”

The reality of work, for most people, is far from ideal. Work should be more than a daily chore, it …Read more

The 10 Must-Have Attributes of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Continue Reading about the Entrepreneurial Learning Bachelor track Continue Reading more about the Entrepreneurial Learning Bachelor track

Pivoting Higher Education to Teach Sustainability

Dr. Bourqui and Dr. Claivaz recently published a seminal article putting BSL’s current approach to Higher Education for Sustainable Development …Read more

Women from BSL say
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International Women’s Day: Standing up for Women’s Rights every day

On this International Women’s Day, let us collectively stand with women and girls fighting for their rights around the world. …Read more

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“Sustainable or not sustainable, this is the question that all responsible investors should ask”

Image credit: Getty Images For many years, the greenwashing debate was mostly focused on consumer goods, namely on aspects related …Read more

BSL Business Innovation Week Review

A huge Thank You to all that made BIW possible Business School Lausanne’s Winter Business Innovation Week took place in …Read more

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PRE-OWNED LUXURY WATCH MARKET: The Dual Meaning of Traceability

Photo credits: Benjamin R Can the Swiss pre-owned watch market, as one of the largest in the luxury pre-owned segment, …Read more

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In the pre-digital age, we usually built brand through three lines of brand experience delivery: 1. advertising2. product experience3. customer …Read more

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How to Measure the Strength of Brand Assets

One way to measure overall ‘brand health’ is to know the strength of its brand assets. Brand assets are all …Read more

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The AI trilogy in education

I remember putting ChatGPT on my to-explore list for the 2022 Christmas Break. One of our Master’s students had indeed talked to me …Read more

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Three maxims that are the 2024 game-changers in successful careers.

As a business education designer and employer, I constantly seek feedback from business executives regarding the soft or hard skills …Read more

Biodiversity protection: who pays, who benefits?

Updated 18.12.2023 What do you see? Green? Beautiful? Natural? Healthy? Biodiverse? A palm oil monoculture plantation is highly productive, and …Read more

Seizing the GenAI Momentum: The Imperative of Adaptability in Marketing’s Fast-Track Landscape, but not only!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital realm, the trajectory of reaching a global user base has accelerated exponentially. From the telephone, …Read more

The Conundrum of AI:

Why teaching our students to adopt lifelong learning is important and how learning basic academic writing skills will help our …Read more

Ovomaltine, Rolex, Nescafé, Swatch or Nagra. What do they all have in common?

Blog photo credit: Guilhem Vellut, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons In its spring 2023 issue, the magazine Immorama, founded …Read more

Two recently published thought-provoking books

I recently had the opportunity to read two books, which were suggested to me by a former professor of BSL, …Read more

Blockchains: The New Wild West of Finance

In recent years, the world of finance has witnessed the rise of an innovative and disruptive technology: blockchain. Originally conceived …Read more

Why being able to code is so important for business students

Coding, also known as computer programming, is the process of designing, writing, testing, and maintaining computer software. It involves using …Read more

How to implement machine learning and AI in a financial investment class

Combining a class in machine learning and financial investments for business students can be a great way to provide students …Read more

2023 BSL Circular Economy Conference

Fig.1: Global circularity gap: minerals, metals, fossil fuels, biomass, (Circle Economy 2023) On Thursday 20.04.2023, participants of the MIB1031 class …Read more

BSL business school’s Academic Direction Office and Student Conduct Coordinator
Success Stories of Business School Lausanne’s Mentorship Program Alumni

As a key mechanism for promoting professional growth and career development, the impact of mentorship cannot be overstated. Mentorship programs, …Read more

BSL Doctoral Candidate’s Sustainable Business Transformation Research Leads to Entrepreneurial Competition Opportunity

Each year, more focus is being funneled into both business transformation and sustainable business and entrepreneurship. With a requirement to …Read more

7 Reasons Why Lausanne, Switzerland is a Top Business School Study Destination

If you are interested in an international business school experience, there’s no better place to complete your studies than in …Read more

digital marketing

Probably the most important question in all marketing – posited by Tony Stead in 1986 – is ‘And why would …Read more

The ‘3Cs’ of generating content for marketing

Companies and brands have one curious habit: they have come to believe that all of the content for their marketing …Read more

online marketing

Various marketing frameworks – such as PESO or Google’s 3H – talk about what kind of content to create for …Read more

Professor Mario Saba: Developing a Theory of Knowledge Augmentation

At Business School Lausanne (BSL), students benefit from expert instructors with extensive practical knowledge in their chosen fields, giving each …Read more

Climate-Neutral Global Aviation – are we on the right track?

Is climate-neutral aviation even possible, what would it look like, and how do we get there? It is difficult to …Read more

Post-Internship Employment for MIB Degree Student Teodora Duta

Business School Lausanne enrolls students and program participants of varying backgrounds, whether they have extensive business experience or are just …Read more

Climate Action, Sufficiency, Deliberative Democracy

IPCC’s Assessment Report 6, Working Group 1, estimates the remaining 1.5°C-compatible carbon budget at around 400 Gt CO2, meaning that …Read more

International Opportunities in Our BBA Degree Program with Student Giang Do

International opportunities are plentiful for students who complete their studies at Business School Lausanne. This is due, in part, to …Read more

A new step towards environment stewardship: Patagonia’s restructuring

I was so impressed in 2018 when I read the biography of Yvon Chouinard titled “Let my people go surfing”

Advanced BBA Degree Studies Lead to Employment Success at the Bachelor Level

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree at BSL allows you to deepen your understanding of your future personal and professional …Read more

Sustainable Business MBA
A Look Into BSL Student Employability from MBA Student Sezen Abtihodzheva

Students attending BSL have the important opportunity to become more employable as they complete their studies and gain a number …Read more

business school
Why is a Business Degree Worth Your While?

If you are not sure if a classic business education is still relevant, then this blog post is for you!  …Read more

part time emba
An Inside Look with BSL’s EMBA in Sustainable Business Alumni Spotlight

The EMBA in Sustainable Business at BSL allows working business professionals to accelerate their transition to becoming positive impact leaders …Read more

BSL Circular Economy conference and action

It is hard to escape hearing or reading almost daily about the circular economy (CE), but are we all talking …Read more

Looking for a democratic process to tackle sustainable development challenges – the Academic Citizens’ Assembly 2022

Academic Citizens’ Assembly – 02.04.2022 A democracy is simply a governance system, leading to decisions that should reach the goals …Read more

With Dual-Mode learning and the 8 central features of the MBA and EMBA experience at BSL, design your own learning journey in a flexible way!

We have designed our MBA and EMBA so as to allow you to be flexible in the way you learn. …Read more

BSL Sustainability: A Long-Term Commitment

A significant step toward sustainability at BSL was the commitment to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact …Read more

Boost your corporate career while developing your entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset and get a chance to become and entrepreneur on the way, with an EMBA or MBA at BSL

With an EMBA or MBA at BSL you can at the same time: MBA studies have traditionally been focusing on …Read more

Upskilling your Business and Personal Skills while pursuing your Doctoral Degree at Business School Lausanne

Develop at the same time your researcher, innovator and entrepreneurial mindsetwith 10 new business and personal skills! Throughout your Doctoral …Read more

The Swiss Negative Emissions Fund

The Swiss Negative Emissions Fund, entirely paid for by polluters, can significantly accelerate Swiss decarbonization and efficiently remove limited remaining …Read more

Dr. Dominique Bourqui shares her expertise on the role of the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education

On February 16th, 2022, Dr. Dominique Bourqui, Chief Academic Officer, Director of the Doctoral School & Professor, was invited as …Read more

Business Innovation Week – Winter 21-22 – Live Updates

Welcome to the Business Innovation Week – Winter 2022 Edition! Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order. Wednesday 9th February, …Read more

Google’s 3H framework for creating marketing content

image credits: (this article talks about a concept we use in our class, applied by students at the end …Read more

Impact of Personalization

To what extent can a motto transform a school? We worded BSL’s motto “Personalized education for global impact” three years …Read more

Ethical challenges in modern (digital) marketing

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist from Pexels (This article is dedicated to the last topic discussed in the Digital Marketing and Social media class …Read more

Shedding light on sustainable access to the internet

image copyright: THINK ENGINEERING GMBH Beat Fahrni, a BSL MBA student, owns and runs THINK, a company structure that implements …Read more

Giving Back

The past two years has been hard on all of us. From one day to the next, we went from …Read more

A long-term POSITIVE (!!!) side effect of COVID: Dual Mode learning

Keeping up in challenging times As Dr. Bourqui wrote in the Spring of 2020, Covid-19 is the first VUCA context …Read more

Rethinking Segmentation in a Changing World 

In our fast-changing world, organizations need to constantly change and reinvent themselves to survive in a more intense global competition. …Read more

Adjusting Marketing for the Modern Era

In today’s world with more digitalization, more globalization and an increased focus on sustainability, it becomes essential to consider these …Read more

London School of Digital Business International Awards and Conference

Hosted by Sachin Parekh (Director), the London School of DIGITAL BUSINESS welcomed BSL’s Acting Dean and CEO of Lemania Group …Read more

Business Innovation Week – Fall 2021 – Live Updates

Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order. Thursday 11th November, 2021 – Day 3 (PM) Final Departing Thoughts The BSL …Read more

Student Success Stories: How Pablo Celi Launched his Company While Pursuing His EMBA in Sustainable Business at BSL

With more than 20 years of experience working in a variety of Latin American companies and industries, Pablo Celi came …Read more

The Business Education Big Bang – What Business Schools should consider if they want to remain relevant

The Origins of the Business Education Universe Historians date 1819 as the year of the first School of Business (a …Read more

The action of women in today’s Boards of Directors

CSDA Prize 2021 : Doris Russi-Shurter (right) and Dominique Faesch (left) – Photo : Copyright Sarah Carp As part of …Read more

Equality Diversity Inclusion Conference

We are happy to share that Professor Dr. Ganesh Nathan from Business School Lausanne (BSL) will be presenting his workshop …Read more

Leading Positive Change: How BSL Fosters Creativity, Diversity, and Global Leadership

Young people today are looking for a career that encourages diversity, innovative thinking, and positive leadership. This blog will discuss …Read more

An intriguing and fascinating book: “Let my people go surfing”

Patagonia is a well-known brand of outdoor clothing founded in 1973 in Ventura, California, by Yvon Chouinard. Frédéric Laloux, in …Read more

2nd year BSL student, Natali Topolska, invests in success at top Swiss bank

23-year-old Czech Republic native, Natali Topolska, is a 2nd year BSL Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Millennial Program student currently …Read more

BSL alumnus Josephine Bengtsson bags prestigious working opportunity at CERN (Geneva)

“Having small classes and professors who are willing to spend additional time helping us understand concepts is something that larger …Read more

Winning the Business Game While Earning a Business Degree in Switzerland

On March 25, the Junior Enterprise of HEC Lausanne hosted this year’s Business Game online—dedicating a full day (8:30 to …Read more

Business Innovation Week – Spring 2021 – Live Updates

Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order. Thursday 6th May, 2021 – Day 4 (AM) 09:15 – Managing Diversity in …Read more


March 18th 2021 was the official Graduation Ceremony at aSSIST University in Korea for four of our Doctoral Graduates from …Read more

Meet André Delafontaine and the Winners of BSL’s Entrepreneurial Competition

The winners of Business School Lausanne’s Entrepreneurial Challenge had the opportunity to complete 12 exclusive coaching sessions, both in-group and …Read more

Well-Being Concerns For e-Learning

Have you ever counted the number of hours that you spend in front of a computer in a simple sitting …Read more

The Shifting Focus of Sustainability Teaching and Learning

As a teacher and learner myself, I spend much time reflecting on why and how to adapt the way we …Read more

Diversity & Inclusion – What do businesses need to change for diversity and inclusion to become sources of strength and growth?

Recent social movements (feminist march, Black Lives Matter, Pride march) have put pressure on organizations to be more inclusive of …Read more

How BSL Students Enhance their Swiss Academic Journey Through Clubs

Business School Lausanne (BSL) offers students the opportunity to create self-organized clubs on a topic they are interested in and …Read more

Strategy Today: Building Sustainability into Stakeholder Relations

It is a commonplace that companies today need to be active in sustainability. Deciding exactly what to do can however …Read more

business degree Switzerland
Victor Discusses the Internship Experience He Received When Completing His Business Administration Degree

A professional internship opportunity is one of the most advantageous steps a business student can take, providing the hands-on work …Read more

How Attending Business School in Switzerland Helped These Students Find Business Success

Business School Lausanne prides itself on creating educational programs that stimulate students’ creativity, leadership, and drive for innovation. For students …Read more

3 Factors Any Graduate of the EMBA Business Transformation Program Should Have in Their Business Strategy

For business professionals seeking to advance their knowledge on how to successfully transform businesses for the better, Business School Lausanne …Read more

How the Experiential Learning of BSL’s Executive MBA Program Helped Michael Ingram Find Success

Michael Ingram began attending Business School Lausanne’s Executive MBA program with an idea of what he wanted to pursue. He …Read more

business degree Switzerland
Benefits of a Graduate Business Degree With Global Impact

An educational approach based around personalized learning for impact helps students become better business professionals, both today and tomorrow. At …Read more

Megatrends Shaping the Global Economy
How an EMBA Degree Will Enable You to Address the Megatrends Shaping the Global Economy

The global economy is constantly susceptible to change. In particular, digital transformation and sustainability are two of the top megatrends …Read more

Virtual Guest Speakers: an element of my dual-mode teaching experience to retain

While my dual mode teaching experience still leaves a somewhat mitigated aftertaste and loads of space for improvement, there is …Read more

BBA Degree
How Collaborative Exercises During Your BBA Degree Help Prepare You for Your Career

Attending an institution like Business School Lausanne can help you build a network of connections with your fellow classmates as …Read more

Why It’s Beneficial to Attend Graduate Business School in a Multicultural Environment

Business is a field where new opportunities can be found all over the globe, and where teams and companies often …Read more

BSL Hosts Pascal Kienast, Founder of K-Wave Consulting and CLEMAP, to Explore Entrepreneurship Inside and Out

Mr. Pascal Kienast was invited on Tuesday, November 10th, 2020 to participate in Business School of Lausanne’s Business Innovation Week …Read more

My Story Is My Advice. BSL Students host Ch Daniel of Legit Check.

On Monday, November 9th, BSL Bachelor and Master students invited Ch Daniel in the Fall Business Innovation Week framework. Ch …Read more

Students and researchers from all the BSL programs discuss societal changes

Students and researchers, representing all BSL programs, gathered to discuss societal changes and sustainability during the virtual Business Innovation Week …Read more


Yesterday, I was able to follow most of the sessions of the Business Innovation Week. This was a great pleasure …Read more

Perlego: BSL provides the Spotify of textbooks to Students and Faculty

Back in 2011, I was flabbergasted by the potential of iPads for education. I felt precisely the same impression in …Read more

business school Switzerland
Why Are the Best Leaders Self-Aware? 3 Things to Know During Your MIB Degree Education

The most effective business leaders in the world may all have personalities that vary in major ways. Some may be …Read more

Business Innovation Weeks: BSL’s signature experiential learning

Business Innovation Weeks’ unique recipe is a mix of peer-learning, challenge-based learning, student engagement, 21st-Century skills development, trust, enthusiasm and …Read more

Business School Lausanne’s SDG Explorer Course Selected as Best Practice by UN SDSN

image source: Teaching and learning sustainability is notoriously challenging, for a number of distinct yet related reasons. First of …Read more

Meet the Winners of BSL’s 2019/20 Entrepreneurial Challenge

Business School Lausanne’s Entrepreneurial Challenge calls on high school students in Switzerland to flex their leadership muscles and demonstrate their …Read more

3 Tips for Better Brainstorming During Your Business Administration Degree

Brainstorming is an essential process within a business career. Business leaders will encounter brainstorming processes in many aspects of their …Read more

Important decisions ahead for Switzerland

Image credits: A semi-direct democracy Switzerland is a semi-direct democracy, which means that citizens are regularly called upon to …Read more

master international business
Why Networking Is Important While Pursuing Your MIB Degree

The potential to network with other budding and established business professionals is one of the central reasons why people enroll …Read more

Success Stories: Adriaan Trampe & Knut-Einar Wold

Business School Lausanne’s Alumni Mentoring Program was designed and launched in 2017 by Daniele Ticli, Head of Careers and Industry …Read more

Success Stories: Career Impact of BSL’s Experiential and Entrepreneurship Learning

Dana Dementyeva came from an international relations background when she began studying at Business School Lausanne. Having previously worked with …Read more

Thinking About an Entrepreneurship Degree? 3 Signs You’re a Natural Entrepreneur

An MBA or EMBA in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship can be useful for anyone seeking to establish themselves in the …Read more

3 Benefits to Small Class Sizes When Completing an Executive MBA

An Executive MBA is perfect for experienced managerial professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. You …Read more

Dual-mode Teaching: Here to Stay in our New Normal – An Interview with David Claivaz, Acting Dean of BSL

The outbreak of the coronavirus had a huge impact on universities around the world. Lectures, seminars, and workshops moved online, …Read more

How an MIB Program at BSL Complements Specialized Bachelor Degrees like Hospitality: An Interview with Head of Careers and Industry Relations, Daniele Ticli

Every year, the Master in International Business (MIB) program at Business School Lausanne welcomes students from a wide variety of …Read more

Can an MBA Degree Improve Your Career Prospects?

An MBA is a big investment in terms of time and money, which is why prospective students should ensure that …Read more

A Short Guide to Using LinkedIn for Professional Success while at Graduate Business School

LinkedIn offers a world of opportunity for business students. The platform is the most used professional networking site in the …Read more

How Students and Faculty at BSL Are Using Face-to-Face Online Learning

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the move to online learning has affected schools, colleges, and universities worldwide. Professors and students …Read more

Providing students with the tools they need

Founded over 30 years ago in 1987 by Dr. John Hobbs, Business School Lausanne (BSL) is one of Switzerland’s leading …Read more

Build Entrepreneurial Skills at Business School Lausanne

Being excellent at your job is no longer enough. Here is how young professionals can build a stable career in …Read more

5 Essential Networking Tips for Students at Business School in Switzerland

One of the most valuable things that you can gain at Business School is connections. Not only will you have …Read more

MIB vs. MBA vs. EMBA Degree: Which Is Right for You?

Graduate business education is a great way for ambitious professionals to learn new skills, forge new connections, and enhance their …Read more

Is Advanced Business Studies for You? 3 Signs from BSL.

Advanced business studies are perfect for business professionals who want to enhance their career with additional skills, in-depth knowledge, and …Read more

Explore Economics, Ethics, and the Fair Use of Public Space with BSL

Camden High Street, London, May 2020 (photo credit: CNBC) Habits are notoriously hard to change, and patterns of space use …Read more

Business Innovation Week Inspires Students and Alumni in Uncertain Times

Business Innovation Week (BIW) at Business School Lausanne (BSL) brings together inspirational speakers, students and alumni. The four-day-long event includes …Read more

Coronavirus, travel, resilience and sustainability

Finally and thankfully, over 100 countries are now following calls by epidemiologists to severely restrict public life, closing schools, universities, …Read more

Steps to high quality business external environment analysis

Over many years of reading market analysis from thousands of reports, it appears that the same issues pop-up again and …Read more

Optimizing Customer interviews/surveys with Market research

With no doubt, customer interviews and surveys during market research are great tools to better understand customers’ needs, wants, purchasing …Read more

David Vanni Interview | BSL Careers Office

Our BSL Careers Office interview series is a great opportunity where we reconnect with some of our former students and …Read more

BSL Alumni Sustainability Lab Kick-off

Are you ready to be part of the NEW Alumni Sustainability movement? Alumni Vincenzo Pellegrino (EMBA Sustainable Business) and Lena …Read more

BSL alumni Richard Fyk brews entrepreneurial success

For the next installment of our BSL careers office interview series, where we get an insight into the lives of …Read more

Finding a new kind of energy: how one BSL graduate’s journey is taking him to Oxford

We are celebrating the success of BSL alumni member Armen Danielyan. Armen is a born leader with a wealth of …Read more

BSL Alumnae, Ola Kayal, keeps it cool with Nabati a plant-based ice cream startup

For the next installment of our BSL careers office interview series, where we take a look at the post-BSL lives …Read more

An Inspirational BSL Story Worth Telling…

Based on Professor Julien de Grandbois’  BBA Entrepreneurship class, Summer 2018, and his role as First Jury member named by …Read more

Join BSL and Michel Jordi for a riveting event!

BSL invites you to join us for a riveting workshop, book presentation and signing event with renowned Swiss serial entrepreneur and …Read more

How to make your 2019 Sustainability goal a reality

The beginning of the year is often a moment of reflection, an occasion to think about last year and improvements …Read more

Marco Piermartiri: a BSL Alumnus appointed COO of the Geneva Chamber of Commerce

Marco Piermartiri, one of our EMBA Alumni, was recently appointed as Chief Operations Officer (COO) of the Geneva Chamber of …Read more

A successful entrepreneur: our alumnus Lorenzo Wiskerke

Lorenzo Wiskerke completed his BBA at Business School Lausanne in 2006 and his MBA one year later. His sister Chayenne …Read more

BSL & Sumba Hospitality Foundation: An Exotic Internship

In 2017, Business School Lausanne (BSL) and Sumba Hospitality Foundation (SHF) in Indonesia co-created an Internship program tailor-made for BSL …Read more

Life Journeys – Matteo Stifanelli: the “Impact Sabbatical”

Matteo Stifanelli graduated with an MBA at Business School Lausanne in July 2017 while working at Airbnb. He has been …Read more

Disruptive Strategies for Sustainable Enterprises

Our professional development course, Disrupting the Business Model  – Strategies for a Sustainable Enterprise, starts on April 9 and we’re …Read more

BSL Advancing SDG Implementation in Switzerland

On Thursday Feb 15th, Dr Katrin Muff will moderate and present at the conference to launch the Sustainable Development Solutions …Read more

MERIT Summit 2018 Tackles Autonomy and Agility in Business

The annual MERIT Summit, which had its inaugural event in Barcelona in 2017,  is a forum where speakers, exhibitors and …Read more

BSL Selected to Join the United Nations’ PRME Champions Business Schools Initiative

BSL is pleased to announce that we have been selected as one of 40 business schools globally to join the …Read more

Alumni Mentoring Program – What is it all about?

Within the context of employability, I often hear people talking about their mentors and how such figures brought more clarity …Read more