Benefits of a Graduate Business Degree With Global Impact

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An educational approach based around personalized learning for impact helps students become better business professionals, both today and tomorrow. At Business School Lausanne (BSL), we strive to give students a personalized learning experience designed for a global impact. This type of approach can encompass several different aspects of life at BSL for students, including personalized career coaching and student support, as well as one-to-one coaching sessions and supervision. 

This personalized and globally-minded approach helps students feel well-equipped to tackle the present and future business and social challenges of our world. Here’s why an education designed for a global impact benefits students during their studies and long after graduation. 

The Three Pillars of Teaching for Global Impact, and Why Each One Matters

There are three pillars to teaching for a global impact: transferring up-to-date business knowledge, understanding the global megatrends of Digitalization and Sustainability, and helping students develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset. Each of these pillars plays a crucial role in helping students understand how to make a genuine impact on business after earning their business degree in Switzerland

By understanding how Digitalization and Sustainability are currently affecting business, and how these trends are set to shape the future, students can feel ready to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing companies the world over. They learn to understand how these megatrends impact businesses across industries and contribute to their transformation, and can begin to think of the best ways to address these changes and find fresh opportunities within them. By learning up-to-date business practices and concepts, students graduate at the forefront of innovation, able to look to the future rather than focus on catching up to the present. And by developing their entrepreneurial skills and mindset, students become empowered to enact the change they want to see in the world. 

BSL’s teaching is based around three pillars designed to help students have a global impact

How a Personalized Approach to Education Helps Students Have a Global Impact

For any student hoping to make a positive impact on the business world after completing their graduate business degree, BSL’s personalized educational approach can help. At the graduate level, this can mean different things. Master’s students can concentrate their studies on either Finance or Entrepreneurial Leadership, with a thesis, internship, or entrepreneurial project forming the experiential component of their learning. 

MBA and EMBA students can base their studies around either Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship or Sustainable Business, with a personal project making up a quarter of their credits received. For DBA (Doctorate of Business Administration) students, they work alongside a Thesis Supervisor throughout their research process, while also receiving feedback from Doctoral School faculty and coaching sessions from Doctoral School executives. Each of these offers a specific, personalized, and in-depth approach that helps nurture student ideas and potential. Student talent is also further nurtured through various initiatives, including the Capstone project included in some programs, the startup incubator incub&co, and various other events and projects. In this way, students learn how to impact the world in the way only they can.

Students receive a personalized approach to learning

What Learning for a Global Impact Means for Graduate Business Degree Students in Particular

2020 has been a year of profound change, and no person or business has been left untouched. Businesses the world over have had to grapple with unprecedented challenges, on a scale that has not been seen for decades. And yet even as this year draws to a close, the shifts that have taken place are in some ways only just beginning. With looming changes still to come with regards to climate change and digitalization, navigating tomorrow’s professional landscape means developing the skills needed to see the world from a new perspective. 

Professional success within this new context necessitates a thorough understanding of these megatrends, as well as the ability to see opportunities within them. It also necessitates self-knowledge, to understand how you can best navigate and contribute to this new landscape. In essence, learning for a global impact means developing the insight and skills needed to affect change in an unpredictable, interconnected, and ever-evolving world.  

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