Executive Seminars at Business School Lausanne

MBA-level training on selected topics

The Postgraduate Complements

We provide executive training and development through our fully accredited MBA and DAS Business programs.

Our courses are given as 3-day seminars and provide a cost-effective way for professionals to:

  • Strengthen their management and leadership skills (Management and Leadership Seminars)
  • Help understand the broad implications of environmental sustainability and social impact and their relevance for the business of today and tomorrow (Business Sustainability Seminars)

The BSL Executive Seminars integrate the latest management thinking and provide tools and techniques to enhance individual and team performance in all business areas.

We provide companies with the opportunity to take any seminar as a customized training designed to address specific needs and interests. We can also design bespoke and fully tailored seminars or training sessions for your organization’s needs.

What makes these seminars different?

Practical and applied learning

BSL creates a highly effective learning environment where seminar participants interact with current MBA students and acquire knowledge and skills through practice. Our experiential learning approach includes group assignments and presentations, case studies, real-life simulations and guest speakers.

Upon completion of each seminar, participants walk away with practical knowledge and directly applicable skills that allow them to enhance their career development.

Delivered by seasoned business practitioners

All Executive Seminars are delivered by seasoned business practitioners with an extensive track record of success in business in two or more countries. In line with the school’s pragmatic approach, they have been carefully selected based on their abilities to combine real-life experience with training and development.

Read more about the BSL faculty.

MBA Quality

The Executive Seminars are individual modules of our MBA program, delivering the same quality of in-depth learning. Each module is worth 3 Executive MBA credits and is accumulative towards an eventual MBA degree.

When designing our MBA program, we took into consideration the input of 30 international CEOs and HR-directors, on the top 3 qualities of future leaders. As a result, each MBA module, given as a 3-day management seminar, combines essential soft and hard skills that shape you into a self-aware, responsible management professional and gives you the foundation to grow as a leader.

Interaction with MBA participants

With the added benefit of our BSL MBA quality, the Executive Seminars also provide interaction and learning within a group of diverse (10+ nationalities) and experienced (average of 9 years’ business experience) MBA participants.

This level of maturity, extensive professional and management experience and diversity provides seminar participants with unique perspectives to problem solving during the training course. It also helps them expand their global network and build on business opportunities for collaborations.

Earn E/MBA credits

Upon completion of each seminar, participants who have completed the preparatory and post-course assignment will receive a certificate worth 3 ECTS credits, which may be applied towards an MBA degree.

Participants not interested in collecting MBA credits have the option to enjoy the course experience and be awarded a certificate of attendance, with no post-course assignment.

Program Format


  • Management & Sustainability Seminars are scheduled in three-day modules (usually Thursday to Saturday)


For participants interested in collecting E/MBA credits

  • Each seminar takes approximately 4 weeks to complete
  • This includes 3 days (27 hrs) of class time and 35-50 hrs of independent study, depending on the course.

Credits: 3 ECTS

Note: customized seminar class days can be adapted to the company’s needs.

Curious about the impact our E/MBA will have on your career?

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