Executive MBA in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship

  • Become an Impactful Senior Executive
  • Pace your learning
  • Develop innovative business competences

Your Executive Education comes in 3D!

We have constructed BSL’s Executive Education with one central aim: empowering you as responsible actors of change. We have therefore designed the program three-dimensionally.

Dimension 1 – Specialization: accelerating your career

The specialization in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship aims at educating experienced managers who want to move to more strategic levels of leadership. This educational journey is a transformational, not transactional, experience that facilitates your learning and personal growth as a self-aware, adaptive, and responsible leader for a better world.

Dimension 2 – Focus and Core: fine-tuning a unique mix of competences

Students of the EMBA in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship enhance their capacity as change-makers thank to focus on Data Analysis and AI. In addition, they all acquire and develop core competencies in Marketing, Leadership, Strategy, and Finance. The program results in a holistic learning experience that will transform you into a self-aware, knowledgeable and sustainability-conscious business practitioner.

Dimension 3 – Organization: a learning pace that will suit you

The program is modular, meaning that you progress one step at a time. You can choose between full-time or part-time, thus deciding on the intensity of your learning. The module calendar is available early enough to allow you to make sure the modules will fit into your schedule. All modules are available in Dual-Mode if a last-minute event prevents you from coming to BSL.

Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship

Change is your business’s best friend if you can amend your Business Model or develop another relevant one. In today’s world, the capacity to navigate change has become the crossroads of all other hard or soft skills, experience, and expertise.

BSL has made Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship the heart of its research field. Our Doctoral School gathers 50+ researchers, all aiming at solving business problems through an academic research approach. Many of the Doctoral School supervisors teach in the EMBA program, assuring that they discuss the latest trends in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship in the EMBA courses.

BSL’s take on Business Transformation primarily requires an Entrepreneurial Mindset. Skills in digital transformation, innovation, or big data need to be driven by a constant orientation towards concrete realization, both in corporate and entrepreneurial contexts. Acquiring an Entrepreneurial Mindset will provide you with this driving force.

We have also ensured that our EMBA will provide you with the vital hard skills that will empower your Entrepreneurial Mindset when facing the real-time challenges you will need to overcome in a Business Transformation process. Therefore, the curriculum documents a spectrum of the latest trends in business operations: digital marketing, data science & machine learning, organizational design, sustainability, digital transformation, trends analysis, and scenario planning.

Learning Ecosystem

At BSL, a genuine Learning Ecosystem empowers Classroom learning. The EMBA students benefit from various features that will enable them to transfer the knowledge and skills they acquire into their personal and professional development. BSL Career Center provides a structured and holistic pathway toward career advancement, transition, or switch. The program is made of counselling sessions, self-development, and self-branding. It is plugged into the EMBA program through classroom modules, individual meetings, online webinars, and social events. Learn more about Career Support & Employability.

BSL is the partner of the Incub&Co incubator to provide a space entirely dedicated to entrepreneurial initiatives. Distinguished and inspirational Guest Speakers regularly visit EMBA classroom modules and open direct access to a wealth of real-world experiences and innovations.

Flexible Format

Duration: 1 or 2 years

  • 1 year for the full-time model
  • 2 years for the part-time model

Course work: 16 courses

  • 5 Core modules
  • 5 Focus modules (Data Analysis)
  • 5 Specialisation modules (Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship)
  • Courses are scheduled in three-day modules (Thursday to Saturday)


  • Each module includes 3 days (27 hrs) of class time and 35-50 hrs of independent study
  • The E/MBA Executive Project includes 300hrs of study time spread over your program, in parallel with your seminars (1 year full-time or 2 years part-time)
  • Weekly time:
    – Full-time model: approximately 30 hours/week
    – Part-time model:
    approximately 15 hours/week

Program Credits: 60 ECTS

(3 ECTS credits per course, 15 ECTS credits for the Executive Project)

Curious about the impact our E/MBA will have on your career?

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Learning Style

Personalization of learning starts with the creation of your Study Plan. We want to ensure that you access the courses you need at times that suit you optimally.

We do everything to benefit our EMBA students from what some call “the best consulting machine.” They mean that every module is taught by seasoned and currently active business practitioners and experts with proven success in the field.

Expertise does not only lie with the Faculty. Our admission criteria make for a student body with practical experience and a varied professional and international background (60+ nationalities). Even if courses are taught in small groups (up to 25 students), we estimate that every EMBA student can work in close cooperation with up to 80 fellow learners during a regular course of studies.

You will thus be part of a vibrant learning community, where the semi-formality of the classroom discussions enhances your capacity to inspire and communicate your goals and ambitions. This routine that only personalized education can offer nurtures initiatives with limitless impact.

Your learning journey culminates with the project you are to present at the end of your studies. It enables you to integrate your learning throughout the program and apply it to a meaningful experience. You will work on a project of strategic importance and have support from a teaching faculty member. The experience is challenging – you will need to be agile and “build the plane as you fly.” However, you will gain confidence in your capacity to work in the sustainability field and establish meaningful connections with various stakeholders.

Learning Output

The EMBA journey is an invitation to explore new dimensions of your current business activities:

  • You will embark on a personal transformation journey that will enable you to know yourself better, to (re)discover your unique purpose, and nurture your leadership capacity for making meaningful change in the world. The EMBA journey will immerse you in a learning space that fosters your personal growth through soft skills courses, one-on-one mentoring, and opportunities for coaching others.
  • You will turn business on its head and get exposed to unconventional thinking beyond business-as-usual. Through our three-dimensional learning approach, “I,” “we,” and “all of us,” you will cultivate skills and perspectives that empower you to comprehend and respond to global business challenges from an individual, collective and systemic view.
  • You will invest in your professional growth and explore opportunities to fuse your previous experiences, strengths, and passions into a fulfilling career path. You will stretch yourself and apply what you learn straight away through the EMBA Executive Project: You will choose and develop an entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial project that aligns with your career’s goal.

The EMBA learning experience serves your personal and professional development. It helps your progress to help your career. Hence, the learning output of the program provides you with varied possibilities, such as:

  • Accelerating your current career
  • Assisting your transition to a new corporate career
  • Supporting your entrepreneurial project
  • Developing your consulting skills

Backgrounds & Testimonials

Read about our Current Executive Education Students and Alumni Experiences at BSL.

Current Students
<strong>Pablo Celi</strong> <strong><em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (<em>Fall Intake </em>)</em><br>
Pablo Celi (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake )

“The small number of students per class and the positive environment is highly energizing. I can say that the colleagues I found here are already friends and we have already shared some awesome experiences.”

<strong>Yannick Bouyidou</strong> <strong><em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time MBA in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Yannick Bouyidou (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time MBA in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship (Fall Intake)

“The size of the school allows you to create strong and personal relationships with your professors and classmates which maximizes the learning experience exponentially.”

<strong>Sezen Abithodzheva <em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time MBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Sezen Abithodzheva (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time MBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“I chose BSL because I wanted to embark on a personal transformation journey, to explore my personal purpose and to nurture my capacity to lead myself and others towards a better world.”

<strong>Vanesa Rocha Lopes <em>(Current Student)</em></strong><br><em>2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em>
Vanesa Rocha Lopes (Current Student)
2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“I’m a fashion designer with several years of practice in product development and retailing. Due to the challenges faced in the industry, I decided to pursue an Executive Education to enhance my knowledge in areas such as leadership, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and sustainability. In that sense, my goal is to become a holistic professional with a solid understanding of the industry, from creative to managerial view.  As I am committed to achieving excellence as an entrepreneur and leader, I believe the E/MBA BSL is the next logical step to move forward with my career, in order to combine my professional expertise with a high qualified learning experience.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to build a strong foundation, networking and broader my perspectives. I have chosen Business School Lausanne for its recognition and the innovative bias in Sustainable Business, since I’m eager not only to improve business but also to cultivate and promote conscious decisions, making a small but meaningful impact.”

<strong>Ramona Valentina Runcan</strong> <strong><em>(Alumna)</em></strong><br><em>2019 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable (Spring Intake)</em><br>
Ramona Valentina Runcan (Alumna)
2019 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable (Spring Intake)

“What I experienced during the program has been much more than initially expected. It was not only an educational experience but excellent leadership training, personal growth and great professional development experience as well. BSL created an environment where professors, as business professionals, and specially selected fellow students with different backgrounds, contributed to my development of not only business knowledge per se but also of social and ethical awareness. I think the entire program adds tremendous value to my long-term career aspirations as a leader who wants to have a more positive impact.”

<strong>Anna Chilton</strong> <strong><em>(Alumna)</em></strong><br><em>2019 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable (Spring Intake)</em><br>
Anna Chilton (Alumna)
2019 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable (Spring Intake)

“The classes at BSL are organized to allow mutual learning and sharing. Just in the first weeks, I can see myself challenged in ways that I’ve needed for my interpersonal and professional development.”

<strong>Nicole Watson <strong><em>(Alumna)</em></strong><br></strong><em>2020 <em>Part-Time <em><em>EMBA</em></em></em></em> <em>in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Nicole Watson (Alumna)
2020 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“I chose BSL primarily for its’ Sustainable Business MBA program, as I am looking to move into for-profit business models that hold true to my values in environmental conservation and greater global balance.”

<strong>Beat Fahrni <em>(Alumnus)</em></strong><br><em>2018 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)</em><br>
Beat Fahrni (Alumnus)
2018 Part-Time EMBA in Sustainable Business (Fall Intake)

“My background is over 30 years of Telecom and Software development. As a Dipl. Ing. HTL I graduated in 1994 and extended my education in 2002 as a part-time graduate in “Nachrichtentechnik und Software in Telekommunikation” at Eduswiss. As the Director of a company and with considerable experience in the telecom market, I felt it was time to extend my education, to help me and my career to meet today’s challenges in finance, investment, risk-sharing, and technical parts in my day-to-day work. BSL Lausanne is a small and future-oriented school which offers the niche education I was looking for.”

Orientation in Executive Education

Three questions will define your route for your Executive Education.

Question 1: MBA or EMBA?

The MBA route is designed for those who are starting a managerial career. The EMBA route is designed for those with significant managerial experience. The MBA and EMBA modules differ when the learning curve differs between starters and experienced students. The MBA and EMBA modules are shared when the conversation between starters and experienced students can be fruitful.

Question 2: Specialization and Focus

All three Specializations share a Core curriculum designed to ensure that all students acquire all necessary business knowledge and skills. Each specialization is combined with a focus to obtain the most useful mix of competencies. The program is designed so that Specialization, Focus and Core modules can be followed separately.


Specialization modules

(15 ECTS)

Focus modules
(15 ECTS)

Core modules
(15 ECTS)

(15 ECTS)

Question 3: Full-time (one year) or part-time (two years)?

We recommend the full-time option to professionals seeking a career transition or those that want to take a break from work and entirely focus on a year of dynamic learning immersion. We recommend the part-time option to working professionals in or outside of Switzerland who would like to keep their employment and study part-time, which means attending classes every few weeks.