Boost your corporate career while developing your entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mindset and get a chance to become and entrepreneur on the way, with an EMBA or MBA at BSL

With an EMBA or MBA at BSL you can at the same time:

  1. Boost your corporate career in a classic way
  2. Develop your entrepreneurial mindset to become an intrapreneurial change maker and a transformational and entrepreneurial leader in your organization and
  3. Get a chance to become an entrepreneur on the way, by choosing to work on your own entrepreneurial project during your studies with us, on your own or in our start-up incubator

MBA studies have traditionally been focusing on developing leadership and business management skills or knowledge for corporate career paths.

With the many changes, the world of business is facing, regardless of the size of the company, of the industry or of the locus of operations, the traditional aim of the Master programs in Business administration, to make employees in a corporate setting grow through leadership development and business administration knowledge, has to evolve.

So what should an MBA or an EMBA be about, in a highly volatile, uncertain,  complex, and ambiguous world?

At BSL, we believe our mission is to help business administration professionals navigate through the challenges resulting from such an environment.  

In addition to addressing leadership development and business administration knowledge transfer, our MBA and EMBA equip you with the knowledge and mindset to specifically navigate in a nonlinear, fragile and never stabilized business environment.

Therefore our programs focus on teaching you what forces shape today’s business world and how to navigate with and not against them.

Throughout our programs, you will develop a specific skill-set to embrace constant change, seizing and developing business opportunities that align with your personal vision and values.

Knowledge needed for the business world (sustainability, digitalization, entrepreneurial approaches)

Understanding the business world, first of all implies understanding what impacts business administration practice and why and how it has to evolve.

New parameters have to be taken into account, related to business operations, culture and strategy.

Sustainability, digitalization and entrepreneurial approaches to business administration and value creation, profoundly transform business administration practice and most organizations still face a steep learning curve here.

You will acquire the knowledge you need to be able to identify, drive or accompany the changes in business practice needed for the success of your own organization and your professional and personal fulfillment.

A new business mindset – the entrepreneurial mindset

Traditionally, companies have always been trying to define and maintain a central culture of compliance and process development, while on the side and in separate settings or divisions, trying to develop a culture of innovation.

This approach to innovation and change is not working anymore.

Powerful internal and external forces and rapid change, call for the simultaneous coexistence, in all parts of the organization, of exploration and exploitation.

The only mindset and company culture that enables you to truly explore and exploit at the same time, comes from the culture and business practice of start-ups and entrepreneurs.

It is called the Entrepreneurial mindset.

Through your academic journey with us, you will learn to develop and nurture your entrepreneurial mindset to be able face and address the constant need of transformation of your organization.

You will become comfortable with trial and error processes, problem-solving, working with the resources at hand and developing an innovators mindset and perspective.

Don’t wait to upskill and grow and join our international community of entrepreneurial thinkers and doers!

Dr. Dominique Bourqui

Chief Academic Officer