Mission and Philosophy


  • We provide Business Education up to Swiss standards to Swiss and International Future or Proven Business Professionals in Switzerland and abroad.
  • We foster Research-and-Practice-Informed Judgement and Ethical Behavior in Future and Proven Business Professionals.
  • We train Future and Proven Business Professionals as Life-Long Learners and Principled Researchers.

Business Education Philosophy

Our Philosophy of Business Education is centered on our Graduates. Our four-dimensional project for them is crafted on Unique Talent Advantage, Expertise, Learnings and Impact.
Unique Talent Advantage. BSL Graduates are principled doers, with a unique ability in Business Transformation.
Expertise. BSL Graduates excel in:
  • Business Transformation
  • Sustainable Business
  • Entrepreneurship
Learnings. BSL Graduates display:
  • Proven and Innovative Business Hard Skills
  • A thorough knowledge of the Megatrends in Business that shape the world today
  • A strong and developed Entrepreneurial Mindset
Impact. BSL Graduates are on a four-level learning journey to impact:
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) level: students acquire the Skills, Mindset and Understanding of the Megatrends to contribute an impact in business.
  • Master’s in international business (MIB) level: students deepen Skills, Mindset and Understanding of the Megatrends to initiate an impact in business.
  • Master of Business Administration (E/MBA) level: as experienced professionals, students improve and use their Skills, Mindset and Understanding of the Megatrends to transform a specific business.
  • Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) level: as senior professionals, students create new Business Knowledge as well as Frameworks, Methods or Tools to transform an industry.