How the Experiential Learning of BSL’s Executive MBA Program Helped Michael Ingram Find Success

Michael Ingram began attending Business School Lausanne’s Executive MBA program with an idea of what he wanted to pursue. He wanted to begin a journey as an entrepreneur, but needed the tools and confidence that would enable him to successfully navigate that path. After participating in BSL’s experiential and entrepreneurship-focused EMBA program, he’s now ready to take action. 

Michael is one of the scores of students who have pursued their entrepreneurial initiatives. Our unique and innovative curriculum that comprehensively integrates theory and practice, along with a healthy dose of mentorship, helps students achieve their business leadership dreams. We spoke with Michael about his transition into entrepreneurship, as well as with Agnieszka Kapalka, BSL’s Deputy Academic Director, on what makes BSL’s programs so special. 

Why Michael Chose BSL’s Executive MBA Program 

Michael Ingram knew he wanted to pursue entrepreneurship, and BSL entered his radar as a desirable option. He ultimately decided it was in his best interest to enroll, as BSL offered a comprehensive and integrative study program. “I wanted a change in my career, and I chose BSL because it’s an environment that fits my personality,” Michael reflects. “I wanted a personal program where you can create close bonds with the staff and students.” 

After enrolling in an EMBA degree program, Michael was able to partake in the mentoring program that accompanies it. He was paired with Kelly Kretz, a lecturer at BSL who also works as a sought-after marketing consultant. He also received guidance from Andre Delafontaine, an entrepreneurship professor at BSL with decades of experience under his belt. 

The Usefulness and Practicality of BSL’s EMBA Program 

For Michael, BSL’s emphasis on experiential learning and personalized learning for impact offered exactly what he was looking for. “The mentoring program was a great opportunity to get useful feedback from industry experts and seasoned entrepreneurs,” Michael recalls. “You can get help and ensure that you’re headed down the right path.” 

BSL’s EMBA program is designed to prepare students for a leadership role

With the direct, practical help you receive from real industry professionals, you can start to realize your own career goals. “BSL’s program helped me achieve the confidence and gain the skills to launch my own entrepreneurship journey,” says Michael. He founded the company Revario, a brand offering sustainable trail-running gear, and will be launching the brand in January 2021. “The EMBA program was a great opportunity to receive guidance, sort out future plans, and meet great people, too,” says Michael. 

How BSL’s Program Structure Encourages an Entrepreneurial Mindset 

The Executive MBA program at BSL is designed to facilitate the development of an entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills. Throughout the program, you’ll comprehensively cover all business aspects, including marketing, strategy, finance, leadership, and resources management. This is accompanied by practical components, like the executive project. 

The structure of BSL’s EMBA program facilitates an entrepreneurial way of thinking

“The executive project is designed to provide a comprehensive experience that allows participants to demonstrate the knowledge they gained during the program,” says Deputy Academic Director Agnieszka Kapalka. This opportunity to envision a project, define its scope, prepare a concrete action plan, and begin to develop it can be invaluable. “Michael was encouraged to launch his business after the project kick-off with Professor Delafontaine,” says Agnieszka Kapalka. Now, he’s enjoying the success of his project development. 

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