Master of International Business


Master of International Business
with concentration in Sustainability

Sustainable Business Creation and Impact

This pathway is geared towards budding leaders and social entrepreneurs who share a strong desire to master the capabilities to initiate sustainability-focused business impact within local or global organizations or start their own social enterprise. You will master the sought-after competencies to initiate the transformation required for sustainable business.  Learn from a industry leaders in sustainability transformation and culminating your degree with our signature customizable capstone experience!

Main Benefit

Choose a powerful social entrepreneurship experience to apply all your learnings, either to start your own social enterprise or to complete an internship or perform a comprehensive case study within a social enterprise.

Sustainability Courses 

  • Circular Economy
  • Ethics of Innovation
  • Responsible Investing Towards Sustainability
  • Sustainable Business Strategy
  • Sustainable Supply Chain Management

Sustainability Courses

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Founded by students in 2020, The BSL Sustainability Club’s (BSLSC) goal is to bring together the BSL community through discussion and collective intelligence on areas such as Economy, Society and the Environment. The BSLSC is actively engaged in local initiatives, partners with local universities, and hosts a variety of gatherings to discuss pressing issues in today’s world, providing insight and tips on how each of us can make small changes, which in turn, collectively, can make great societal differences. The students who have joined this club are believers that we, the people, must take action and bring policies to governments, rather than wait for the inverse. The BSLSC brings together like-minded people and encourages open dialogue to review, analyze, debunk and validate all sorts of information regarding sustainability and social reform activities. Their biggest successes to date include formal and informal events such as guest speaker events, panel discussions, and workshops. 

-> Sascha Nick their club advisor also a professor at BSL and EPFL
-> Vincenzo Pellegrino and Lena Koropey both Alumni of BSL working in the field of sustainability
-> Other professionals in the field such as Huub SavelkoulsFormer Chief Sustainability Officer Philip Morris International, Gopal RajGuru Managing Director at Innovate+ and Grow Group sàrl, Daniel Lüscher President and program manager at My BluePlanet. 

Their motto is ‘Educate the students of today to construct the world of tomorrow’.

Learn More about the BSL Sustainability Club:

Academic Citizens’ Assembly

A disruptive way to empower learners, teachers, and researchers for the Swiss societal transition.

Starting this much-needed dialog of society, the Academic Citizens’ Assembly is an experiment to test a new governance model better suited to solving today’s challenges.

The EPFL-BSL annual Symposium on Societal Transition Pathways, first held in 2020, brings together a community of practitioners and scholars interested in the societal transition towards a more inclusive, more just society allowing universal human thriving within the limits of the biosphere. We are lobby-free, nor associated with or financed by any political organization, and strictly adhere to the scientific method. The material used in preparation of the Academic Citizen Assembly is prepared by the academic community and is scientifically sound and unbiased, hence the name of our project.


The Capstone Project is a substantial part of your learning experience – it serves as the culmination of your work in the program and allows you to integrate your best insights and ideas in a project significant to you. The Capstone Project is designed to enhance your employability by giving you the opportunity to practice specific skills in line with your strengths and interests.

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