Sustainability Journal for Practitioners

Building Sustainable Legacies Journal

BSL’s quarterly journal – Building Sustainable Legacies – seeks to provide hands-on, pragmatic and user-friendly research, suggestions and case studies as a resource for organizations that are committed to implementing sustainability. The contributions originate from BSL’s doctoral research program which is dedicated to supporting organizations in their journey towards true sustainability. The BSL doctoral cohort in charge of writing the journal articles consists of nine independent researchers from around the world with diverse backgrounds and shared interest in sustainability.

The journal focuses on three areas of contributions:

  1. Articles that enable business leaders and managers to understand the sustainability challenge
  2. Articles that shed lights on specific dimensions and aspects of business sustainability
  3. Articles that offer exciting new solutions for business to implement sustainability

The journal is published in partnership with Greenleaf Publishing and is free to access online here.

Print subscriptions can be purchased directly from Greenleaf Publishing either online or by Email: or order online.