Research for a changing world

What do you say after you say we live in a VUCA?

The acceleration of change is the signature of the 21st century. Business is the place where opportunities have the potential to become reality. Hence, Business transformation is at the heart of the World Transformation.

Business School Lausanne (BSL) has shaped the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) to look beyond the success or innovation of a specific company.

The DBA program combines the wide spectrum and in-depth understanding of doctoral studies, with the realism and focus of field action.

A research starting in the field with outputs aimed for the field

The BSL DBA program is intended for those with previous managerial and leadership experience who wish to make a significant contribution to the enhancement of professional practice in the field of management. The process which will lead to this transformation will be undertaken via the critical review and the systematic application of appropriate theories and research to professional practice.

DBA graduates are expected to produce a significant Doctoral-level transdisciplinary study output that advances research in business and management fields and is relevant to be put in to practice.

The DBA thesis, based on the research that is carried out throughout the program, is the primary piece of work that will be assessed for the award of the actual Doctorate.

A program designed for professionals across the globe

The duration of the program is from three to six years, depending on if it is undertaken as a full-time or a part-time academic undertaking for the student. BSL DBA program is essentially a distance-learning program. All seminars of BSL Doctoral School held in Lausanne are optional, even though highly recommended. The students who will attend will both acquire invaluable insights via face-to-face interaction with instructors while also gaining mutually beneficial contact with fellow Doctoral students from across the globe.

Elements such as the research question, the subject, the candidates’ network, their chosen research methodology along with factors such as the candidates’ proficiency in English and writing capacity

can all have an influence on the duration of the program. Furthermore, we understand that due to the vocational nature of their chosen studies, the evolving professional obligations of the candidate can also affect the length of time that is required to achieve the DBA, hence the availability of less restrictive timescales.



  • 3 years

  with the possibility of extension of up to an additional 3 years, depending on the student's academic undertaking

Course work

  • Two non-mandatory one-week seminars per year (DBA Acceleration Weeks – DAW)
  • Webinars
  • Individually supervised research

Because business never stops, you do not have to stop doing business while getting your DBA!

BSL Signature Features

Small classes with personalized attention and support from professors
Professors who are seasoned and currently active business practitioners and as well as experts in their field
As international and diverse environment with students from 60 nationalities