With Dual-Mode learning and the 8 central features of the MBA and EMBA experience at BSL, design your own learning journey in a flexible way!

We have designed our MBA and EMBA so as to allow you to be flexible in the way you learn.

There are 8 central features in the design and delivery of the MBA and EMBA programs that allow students to design the learning journey that best suits their needs, interests, and constraints:

  1. Teaching is delivered in independent modules that take place at specific and pre-defined times.
  2. Both the MBA and EMBA programs are offered in a full-time or part-time format.
  3. There is a minimum of two free weeks between core modules for full-time students, with one exception being the project kick-off module.
  4. Part-time students usually have one module per month. This may change depending on the number of electives chosen.
  5. All modules are structured in 2.5 days condensed format (from Thursday to Saturday) to concentrate teaching time and help to balance family life and other professional activities.
  6. Both the MBA and EMBA programs propose a choice between two concentrations: Sustainable Business or Business Transformation.
  7. There are two intakes (Fall and Spring) for both the MBA and EMBA programs.
  8. Dual-mode learning

Together, these features generate 16 different tracks for MBA and EMBA students. These tracks run in parallel and constantly intersect, creating the groups attending classes at Business School Lausanne.

The flexibility of the MBA and EMBA experience, hence, constantly redefines the group of students studying on campus in the MBA and EMBA classes.

This mode of organization is great for networking.

Even with small class sizes for the modules, each student is likely to get in touch with almost all the other students in the program. Depending on the chosen track, this allows for an important number of new classroom-intense-collaboration encounters, as the total number of students attending the MBA or EMBA programs at Business School Lausanne over two years is close to 100 students!

The pandemic has led us to introduce the 8th feature to the design and delivery of all BSL programs, the Dual-Mode learning. We have decided to maintain it as a fundamental feature of BSL teaching to maximize the chances of timely and successful graduation, even in case of unforeseen circumstances.

While the program is still centered around in-class teaching, to allow for the personal transformation, development of leadership, communication, and collaboration skills that are central to any Master of Business Administration experience, you have the possibility, if needed by an unpredictable work schedule change or unforeseen family circumstances, to attend your class online.

Even with Dual-mode, we have kept the maximum class size at 24 allowing professors to approach their students individually, ensuring integration of online participant(s) with students present in the classroom.  All the teaching activities, group works, and assignments are proposed to all students regardless of their participation mode.

8 being the symbol of infinity (∞), we are confident that we will keep our promise by supporting students and responding to their needs as their professional or personal situations may change during the duration of the program.

Dr. Agnieszka Kapalka

Deputy Academic Director

Dr. David Claivaz

Acting Dean of BSL & CEO of Lemania Group of Schools