Executive MBA in Business Transformation and Entrepreneurship

EMBA Project

EMBA Project

Learning different topics in a classroom environment is one thing, applying them to the real world quite another. We believe that only applied learning has the power to develop you into a person that can take on the world and make a significant difference.

The EMBA Project gives you the chance to do just that. You choose a company, idea or project of your choice and develop a comprehensive consulting report on it covering industry and market research, business strategy, marketing, human resources, operations, finance and risk management. Many of these projects end up being the launch-pad for start-up companies – in recent years, often as social enterprises.

This is your chance to connect what you have learned with how you wish to engage professionally. This stepping stone experience is cited by our participants as one of the most enriching elements of our program – this is where they are able to put everything they have learned into a broader context, understanding the interconnections of the many individual subject topics they have been studying.

Our Most Recent Student Projects


1NDEX is visualized as a web-platform for enthusiasts and soon-to-be enthusiasts of local and circular consumption. In our journey to be climate conscious, our material footprint (what we consume and the waste we generate) is often given the backseat. The platform aims to tackle that problem by making it easier for consumers to choose a sustainable option.
The platform will connect customers with businesses that support a circular, low-waste lifestyle. It will use (light) social networking to unite a community that supports local and sustainable shops and provide verified, reliable information – to learn about what «type» of sustainability the store provides, how to get in touch, and which media voices recommend the store.
Daniel Lüscher’s heart beats for his family, climate protection and our blue planet. Growing up in the Appenzellerland, he studied electrical engineering at EurEta and industrial engineering at SVTS in St. Gallen, to ultimately realize his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. As an airline pilot with Swissair and Swiss, he saw the beauty of the blue planet in his professional life – but also its vulnerability and how dramatically our planet is changing. In 2007 – after seeing the film “An Inconvenient Truth” – he realized that it was high time to act and founded the climate protection movement MYBLUEPLANET! Today, as President of MYBLUEPLANET, he is passionately committed to climate protection and stopped flying. Purpose driven, Daniel started in 2021 the DAS in Sustainable Business and developed the ClimateActions 4 Companies programme in his diploma thesis.
Thereafter he launched and implement the ClimateActions 4 Companies programme under the umbrella of the NPO MYBLUEPLANET. In the first phase, the concept was tested with five companies. Now, Innotour Suisse is founding the Program ClimateActions 4 Companies and Daniels team is about to scale it all over Switzerland by 2022. The programme should become profitable from 2024 onwards.
The three-year participatory programme ClimateActions 4 Companies accompanies businesses on their path towards attaining net zero. It starts with an assessment of the company’s CO2 emissions, consumption of resources, and the measures that are already implemented. This is followed by an analysis and the preparation for action planning. Throughout all phases of the programme, the focus will be put on employee engagement. This acts as a long-term driver until targets are attained.
Driving green logistics: a service offering for companies in the chemical industry

Sustainability has been trending, and companies have been exploring ways to incorporate environmental considerations into their supply chain management.  Green Logistics has thus become one of the key strategies to give companies a competitive edge. Drive2Green, a startup consulting business, helps companies jump-start their implementation journey towards a more sustainable logistics model. The company differentiates itself by offering specialized services for a targeted customer base which are the SMEs in the chemical sector.  The solutions are personalized, customized, and ‘bite-sized’ with flexible pricing packages according to clients’ needs and objectives. This business partnering model delivers better value-added services leading to a positive engagement experience for both the associates and the clients. Overall, Drive2Green is very practical, pragmatic, and has a good runway forward. It certainly sets itself on the right starting path to achieve its goal to be the leader in catalyzing a world of sustainable logistics.

  • Gandall Health Connect: Accompanying Your Life’s Journey
  • Robo-Pak: Your Key to financial freedom

Selection of Previous Project Titles


    • SYRINGA: Artisan Leathercrafts
    • NYOTA Hub


    • Sanesens Pure skin care nutrition
    • Analysis process management software for the anti-doping industry
    • Skycos
    • NexUs: the future of work is collaborative


    • The Barranco Beer Fest
    • Lighting For Free (LF) – An energy saving company

    Archived List of Project Titles

    • Collab Music Space
    • Exotic agricultural product trading platform
    • Exclusive Dealership for Electric Cars in Jordan
    • Business model creation, launch and international commercialization of a cosmetical product portfolio for treatment of hyperpigmentation in adult population
    • Business analysis and plan for food sharing economy platform
    • Pink Taxis (“Candongas” Cor de Rosa)
    • Indoor Surfing Center
    • Brush Bar – Leading the Revolution in hair styling
    • Energy Balls, how to get enough energy to do any activity by eating a small natural ball
    • Sonosax 2.0: Company recovery through innovation in high fidelity audio
    • Residential Internet Security Platform (RISPnet): Online privacy and security for individuals
    • Cowork & Bloom: The place to be to create a better world by transforming ideas into reality
    • Your Dog’s Home!
    • Do It Together – Center for people with bug ideas and little space to build them
    • Swiss Grapes Across the Channel – Export Premium Swiss Wines in the United Kingdom
    • Changing the Ski Google Industry One Lens at a time
    • Chinese Culture and Business Club
    • UNITONE: Creating Space where Social Networking becomes Live
    • SKIDS – Children Ski Club in China
    • Business Plan: Expansion Opportunities for Ukranian Sunflower Oil to European Union Market
    • Share your Space – Share Parking Place
    • Expansion of Family Pasta Business in Italy
    • Larce Solar – Bridging Solar PV and Material Handling Operations
    • Inityum – Growth Strategy for an experience based swiss watchmaking start-up
    • Internet of things One-Stop-Shop Ecosystem Platform
    • Healthcare is not a luxury – Access to Pharmaceuticals in lower income markets
    • Changing the way people eat
    • Your Future: The Total Rewards Card that will help individuals achieve their dreams
    • Incubator of Innovative Cross-Disciplinary Concepts
    • Private Entrepreneurship in the Health Care Sector in South-East Serbia
    • Carpost: Self-Service Garages
    • World is One News: Asia-Focused Digital News Network
    • Launch of the Revolutionary Sportwear Product Line in Russia
    • Launch of a Lightweight Electric Vehicle
    • Biorock, to own your low back pain
    • New Device for Radiofrequency Ablation of Tumors
    • Greenette – Local food products sold & promoted in train stations
    • ReBin – Do more than waste
    • EllePaca Business Plan
    • Legal Process Outsourcing Firm
    • Maria Sarafi – Natural Soap
    • Blue Ocean Capital Markets – Ethical FX
    • Tupperware – UK Market Re-Entry
    • Next-e – Smart Energy Empowered for all
    • Laundry Plus
    • Elderly with Love Senior Community
    • La Maison du Karité – Feasibility Study and Business Plan
    • Dog Hotel Lesi
    • SUPRIMAGE Brand Management Agency
    • Global Care – An integrative and holistic health care company
    • The Face Kit
    • ISON Consulting Services
    • Mezcalito Cantina Cafe
    • Frozen Yogurt in Geneva
    • Tech Master Pro
    • Kids Act
    • Apparel Store in Nairobi
    • Start-up steel factory
    • Career Guru: internship
    • Cloudissima
    • SPRO Cycling Apparel
    • Gradient 33
    • e-Bann electric bicycles
    • English Language School in Kasan
    • A Financial Services Boutique