Relating Sustainable Goals: Launching the Gap Frame Website

In March 2017, the Gap Frame website,, was launched with the intention to measure the gap of where we are today versus where we need to be so that we can all live well on one planet.

The Gap Frame builds on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and substantiates these with 24 issues and 68 indicators. The interactive website shows the actual value versus the target value for all 24 issues, highlighting the resulting gap by using publicly available data for 190 countries across 22 regions. These gaps serve to set priorities for both business and government action. The targets were developed to the best of existing knowledge and confirmed by an expert panel.

The rating is based on a demanding “lowest score” method (strong sustainability), in contrast to the normally used average-value method (weak sustainability).

A publication discussing the methodology, approach and applications for business and education, is available for download here.