How to make your 2019 Sustainability goal a reality

The beginning of the year is often a moment of reflection, an occasion to think about last year and improvements we want to make in the new one. I want to go more to the gym, I want to read a book per month, I want to reduce my environmental footprint …  We start the year with enthusiasm and commitments to ourselves. However, very often a few weeks into the new year, we give up on our new year’s resolutions.

Frequently, what we miss a nudge, support to follow through. Someone or a group of like-minded people we can count on for mutual support, helping us to make progress on our new goals.

What if 2019 was the year you committed to stepping up on Sustainability and having a positive impact in the world?

What if there was a group that helped you move towards your sustainability goal?

At The Sustainability Tribe, we will help you do exactly that!

We are a network of independent sustainability professionals – AND BSL alumni and faculty – and we have launched an Individual Sustainability Challenge 2019.

Because we are convinced that everyone can have a positive impact in the world and we would like to help you step up.

We will support you to accomplish a personal sustainability goal at home, at work or in your community. In a small group of peers, every week during a 12 weeks period, we will help you step up a little more, stretch yourself and make your sustainability goal a reality.

Here a selection of Sustainability goals that participants want to achieve:

  • reduce plastic waste
  • switch to a renewable energy provider
  • become a flexitarian and learn how to cook yummy vegetarian dishes
  • reduce and compensate the footprint of airplane travels
  • use art to increase awareness around sustainability and climate change

What’s more, your participation will support the following not-for-profit organizations tackling major sustainability issues:

The Individual Sustainability Challenge 2019 kicks off next Monday, January 28th!

You can register here until January 27th!

We hope you will join us and make your Sustainability goal a reality!

Marena, Josefina, Nadene, Michele, Christian