How Collaborative Exercises During Your BBA Degree Help Prepare You for Your Career

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Attending an institution like Business School Lausanne can help you build a network of connections with your fellow classmates as you engage in experiential learning exercises. In this environment, you can expect to participate in real-life projects while pursuing your BBA degree. The ability to collaborate well with others is a highly-valued quality, and it’s one our students carry with them well beyond their time at BSL.

Here’s how your career can benefit from the collaborative exercises you’ll complete during your BBA degree.

Collaborative Exercises Help You Understand How to Work Well With Others 

Problem-solving and teamwork are important aspects of business administration. In fact, BSL’s business administration degree program includes courses, such as Solving Big Problems and Personal and Teamwork Success Skills, on these very topics. At BSL, BBA students also get the opportunity to engage in many different types of projects that teach them how to work effectively in a group environment. Such projects include group presentations, practical assignments, and business simulations. Business School Lausanne is an institution that emphasizes the importance of experiential learning, or “learning by doing,” which is why these projects make up such an essential part of our BBA curriculum. Through these types of projects, you will develop the skills needed to work well with others, problem-solve together, and reach common goals. 

Developing these skills within an international environment can be even more valuable. At BSL, 80% of our BBA students are international. By studying and working alongside peers from Russia, South Africa, Tunisia, Brazil, and many other countries, you’ll develop the ability to collaborate with others from different backgrounds and cultures. This ability is especially important within our global business environment, as an increasing number of recruiters search for talent capable of working with international teams. 

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Experiential learning exercises teach you about teamwork and problem-solving

Collaborative Exercises Can Also Prepare You for the Challenges of the Real World

Students working toward their BBA degree should also understand the importance of being able to work well with others within a real-world environment, where unexpected problems and challenges can often occur. BBA students at Business School Lausanne can take part in a professional employment experience, where they can partake in experiential learning exercises such as voluntary programs or internships. These exercises give a first-hand look into what you can expect from a real working environment in business administration. This can in turn lead to a smoother transition into a professional environment after graduation, as you will feel more comfortable confronting the challenges and uncertainties found within the world of business.

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Collaborative exercises emphasize the importance of working well with others

During Your BBA Degree, You Can Feel Motivated by Successful Collaborations

For any business, collaboration helps to foster an environment where people help each other whenever it’s needed. This can be a significant source of motivation for employees, as it can feel very gratifying when a collaborative effort results in a job well done. During your career, it can also help build a sense of trust between you and your colleagues, and help create a culture where people work together to tackle business challenges and brainstorm creative solutions. The potential rewards of this type of environment can include high morale and even greater productivity. For these reasons, the skills you gain through the collaborative exercises included in your BBA program will be incredibly valuable.  

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