Business Innovation Week – Spring 2021 – Live Updates

Updates are displayed in reverse chronological order.

Thursday 6th May, 2021 – Day 4 (AM)

09:15 – Managing Diversity in the Workplace, presented by Professor Alessandro Bianchi.

08:55 – INCOMING! Day 4 of the Business Innovation Week!

Wednesday 5th May, 2021 – Day 3 (PM)

16:00 – This concludes day 3 (of 4) of the Spring 2021 BIW!

15:00 – A BIG Thank You to Lena Koropey for her afternoon session on Personal Branding!

14:18 – Students are building their personal brand profile at the moment.

14:00 – First Impressions exercise!

13:50 – Some very interesting Personal Branding tips here!

13:30 – Welcome to the BSL Alumni President, Mrs. Lena Koropey; here today to speak about Personal Branding.

Wednesday 5th May, 2021 – Day 3 (AM)

11:30 – Students are back and are presenting their ideas to Vincent.

11:10 – Students are now in breakout rooms discussion and brainstorming ideas to be shared later on with all.

10:48 – Vincent works in the Digital Transformation sector of the company.

10:40 – A BIG Warm welcome to Vincent Berger from Objectis, ion Yverdon-les-bains, Switzerland.

10:22 – Students are on a break now until 10:40am (new time announced), where they will come back to further discuss the “Future of Work and Personal Branding”.

10:20 – Thank you to Julia Beyer for a wonderful hour which our students thoroughly enjoyed! (all cameras on!)

09:40 – Shift in Mindset and the System – Why is change so difficult?

09:37 – Acceleration of change: The world is changing faster than ever. The job you will probably be doing later on in life doesn’t even exist yet!

09:33 – Spaghetti Marshmallow tower challenge

Building a tower out of marshmallows and spaghetti in 15min… Studies have shown that younger children tend to act and try, with a fresh look on this challenge where adults tend to theorize and discuss, going for one solution rather than multiple ones!

09:20 – The BIW Team welcomes Julia Beyer from Collaboratio Helvetica.

09:10 – Starting off with a little Kahoot activity!

09:05 – Let Day 3 begin with a little Kahoot activity!

Tuesday 4th May, 2021 – Day 2 (PM)

16:00 – And that’s a wrap for day 2 (of 4) of the Spring 2021 BIW!

15:55 – A great interactive, real-case scenario session offered by Prof. Carlos DaSilva! Thank you so much!

14:20 – And back to Carlos DaSilva for “A Practical Approach to Valuation of Start-up Companies”.

14:10 – Thank you for talking about your inspiring adventure Omar!

13:10 – Omar explaining how he started up a SAS platform in 2008, “TEx”.

13:10 – Omar explaining how he started up a SAS platform in 2008, “TEx”.

13:00 – A Warm Welcome to Guest Speaker Omar Ajame! Welcome to the BSL Business Innovation Week!

Tuesday 4th May, 2021 – Day 2 (AM)

11:30 – Many fantastic questions from our students and great answers to them from our panelists!

09:40 – Explaining different types of investors:

09:30 – A big warm welcome to Carlos DaSilva, Amine Tazi and MinChi Park! Our Bachelor and Master students are involved in on a Panel Discussion on investing in Startups.

09:20 – Coming up, Day 2 of the Spring Business Innovation Week! Have a look at today’s agenda:

Monday 3rd May, 2021 – Day 1 (PM)

15:00 – And that’s a wrap for day 1 (of 4) of the Spring 2021 BIW!

14:02 – Students are back and telling their stories.

13:27 – Students are heading into breakout groups to work on their stories. –

13:15 – What is the balance between the two? What drives us? How do we want to grow? Students will be going through a storytelling workshop to help with these fundamental questions!

13:10 – What are some of the things that our students want when working/going to work?

13:00 – Welcome to the Well-Being Workshop with Perle Laouenan-Catchpole!

Monday 3rd May, 2021 – Day 1 (AM)

11:45 – Heading for a lunch break until 13:00. Have a good lunch and see you for the afternoon Well-Being Workshop!

11:30 – Examples of clientele of Prizm:

11:20 – Examples of works goals and strategies:

11:16 – Much adaptation is needed to ensure marketing in China!

11:15 – with AliPay and WeChat Pay being market leaders

11:14 – Even “usual” credit cards do not work, the Chinese payment system is focused on e-wallets.

11:12 – Taking a look at the Hotel Marketing Ecosystem (Red arrows show pain points in Chinese market)

11:11 – Using Chinese apps and websites are essential for marketing!

11:10 – There has been in increase of Chinese Tourism, causing a challenge in the digital space due to the “Great Firewall” and language barriers!

11:08 – Ziahn Hata is part of the Prizm Group that codes the payment processing (as illustrated below):

11:05 – Project Management – Example: Hotel Bookings

11:00 – Introducing Prizm Group – A Chinese Digital Marketing Group –

10:55 – A warm BSL welcome to Alumnus Ziahn Hata! Welcome to the Spring 2021 BIW at BSL!

10:45 – A BIG thank you to Prof. Anja Langer for this great first presentation to the Spring 2021 BIW!

10:32 – Questions from our curious students are being answered.

10:22 – Adapting to Covid-19. (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

10:19 – Electricity Grid Operators – They have no visibility. (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

10:13 – The 3 D’s of clean electricity. (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

10:07 – The electricity sector needs to adapt. (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:58 – How will the electricity sector change? (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:57 – Renewables slowly on the rise – Energy Sector (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:55 – 84.3% of electricity come from the burning of fossil fuels – Energy Sector (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:52 – What is the problem to solve? – Energy Sector (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:50 – Example of Change – Energy Sector (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:48 – What Triggers Change? (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:42 – What Triggers Change? (Prof. Anja Langer – EMBA)

09:35 – Our first guest speaker is Prof. Anja Langer (EMBA) – Speaking about Change Management

09:15 – Students are introducing the schedule for the week to set the space!

09:00 – BIW SPRING 2021 – Here We Go!!