BSL Business Innovation Week Review

A huge Thank You to all that made BIW possible

Business School Lausanne’s Winter Business Innovation Week took place in February 5th-9th. The winning team was selected for their very relevant topic – Mental Health.

We would like to thank our excellent guest speakers and coaches:
@Hulya KurtGeorg KrauseAudrey BartolomeiAndrea ChakravarttiOlivia AubertinDeborah AbbottAlexey Dr. Moskovenko, Michael Saraga. Thank you also to Jennifer (Jarvis) McLin for providing a very informative presentation on mental health.

Day 1

“Your goals have to be exciting, rewarding, and bring fire to your heart! It’s you who decides how to spend your time, and as your self-assessment is a constant journey, keep a success journal. Remember that you are the young generation who is shaping the world!” – HULYA KURT, a Career Coach, educator, facilitator, speaker, and author opened the Winter Business Innovation Week at BSL. The second part of the day was dedicated to defining values and spiritual pillars in a dialogue and by familiarizing with the diverse approaches in Rabten Choeling – Centre for Higher Tibetan Studies.  
Our undergraduate and graduate students bring to life a real management experience by organizing and managing all aspects of this 1 week-long event. This time they chose Mental Health and Self-Management as the topic, found amazing speakers, and arranged a truly impressive agenda. A full-cycle responsibility included also a special marketing support team: thanks to Noussaiba Krichene for the content extracts and Carla Pérez and BSL team for the photos. BIW visualization style – Kasiet ZHOLDOSHBEKOVA.
Looking forward to catching up on today’s content!

Day 2

The second day of BIW gave our students more perspectives on self-management and mental health, as that’s the topic they chose for exploring this term. 
Fantastic speakers shared gems of their expertise, we would share only some of them here:

  • Our values impact our behavior. Sometimes, we can face a conflict of values: two values that are not aligned. It creates either anger or sadness and everything in between. Conflict of values is a typical reason why people burn out.
  • Remember that our brain digests too many things at the same time.
  • Achieving goals gives you self-satisfaction and confidence. 
  • When you change your behavior, your environment changes.
  • Skills that employers seek: behavior, attitude (self-confidence), cognitive capabilities (attention, concentration).

We thank our students for this evidence of self-awareness and depth in approaches to life. As well as our tremendous speakers: 
Georg Krause, a certified hypnotherapist and Trainer for Classic and New Code Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP),
Audrey Bartolomei, Individual and corporate coach,
Dr. Michael Saraga, psychiatrist-psychotherapist, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Lausanne University.

Event marketing support team: thanks to Noussaiba Krichene for the content extracts and Carla Pérez and BSL team for the photos. BIW visualization style – Kasiet ZHOLDOSHBEKOVA.

Day 3

You might think that these rules are so obvious, but in fact, do you really follow them? ⤵
Our Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students are in the middle of their most-awaited and self-organized (from coffee breaks to globally recognized speakers) term event: Business Innovation Week. They preferred to start their professional journey already aware of work/life balance rules, and mental safety. We genuinely hope this will prevent them from learning from their mistakes. And silently refresh our own routines because these young people are so inspiring! 
So about the rules. Some of them are available for public use 😉

  • Learn to say NO if you don’t agree on something
  • Separate between friendships and work relationships: your colleagues are not your friends
  • Give your best at your first days; this will make you shine 
  • An employer hires you because you are good enough at what you do. Don’t doubt on yourself!
  • You should find the right balance between your personal and professional life: what happens in the office stays in the office. Don’t bring your work problems home
  • Have a life when you finish your shift: do sports, meet your friends, be with your loved ones, etc.

These last two are applicable not only for undergraduate students, aren’t they? 
Share your mental health and self-management approaches in the comments!

And we thank for the third fantastic BIW day go to:
Olivia Aubertin, Business Manager IT at ALTEN Switzerland AG,
Andrea Chakravartti, crisis manager, mediator, strategic communicator, coach,
and of course – BBA and MIB students, who create this magic.
Event marketing support team: thanks to Noussaiba Krichene for the content extracts and Carla Pérez and BSL team for the photos. BIW visualization style – Kasiet ZHOLDOSHBEKOVA.

Day 4

The fourth day of Winter BIW was both calming and eye-opening, as our undergraduate students defined the correct ways to manage their energy and also got to know the psychotherapy of the future.
The star of the first session: Deborah Abbott, “Manage your energy, not your time”.
The second guest speaker session was held by our Master’s student Alexey Dr. Moskovenko, “VR Psychotherapy“.

We wouldn’t even try to retell everything: join our personalized learning programs for all the knowledge. But still, find some thought-provoking conclusions below:

  • We can have all the time in the world but if we don’t have energy we won’t be able to achieve anything.
  • Low employee engagement costs 8.8 trillion dollars to the global economy.
  • Organizations don’t change, people do, start with you. 
  • Phone notifications cause attention deficit disorders and ADHD.
  • The VR psychotherapy program uses virtual reality to create a stimulated therapeutic environment.

We are happy to share our treasures with you and for this, we thank our students, who organized, held, and informationally covered the entire Business Innovation Week! Noussaiba Krichene – content extracts and Carla Pérez – photos. BIW visualization style – Kasiet ZHOLDOSHBEKOVA.

The last concluding BIW post from the Workshop Presentations Day is coming soon and prepare to greet the team of winners, who will have to organize the next BIW!

Day 5

Our BIW ended with the presentation of the group work done by our students throughout the week.
Thank you to Kasiet ZHOLDOSHBEKOVA, who designed an insightful workshop on mental health in different cultures ranging from Japan to Italy or Australia to refugees in Syria.

Thank you also to Noussaiba Krichene, who creatively designed a data analytics workshop on mental health, applying the knowledge she acquired from a different range of courses like statistics, data analytics or programming languages like Python. We would like to thank our BSL professors, Jan Erik Meidell, Ph.D and Prof. Erdal Atukeren, for the valuable knowledge they provided on the topics, which students were subsequently able to implement.

The students worked hard and provided excellent presentations. Nonetheless, the jury composed of Dr Ilídio Silva, professor Reda El AndaloussiMaya Ramati, MBA, and Dr Mouna Chaari, PhD, could only reward one team for each category according to the following criteria: a comprehensive and well-documented presentation presenting the topic and data thoroughly, drawing their main recommendations for the topic assessed.

Congratulations to Daniel-Scott Augereau, Francis Beckerleg, Gabriel Ruthes Kochanny and Revaz Kutidze, for introducing us to the Mental Health Stigma in Japan and providing actionable recommendations. 
Congratulations to Anna Pavlova, Anton Pavlov, Nicolas Axel Bédié, Polina Zakharova, and Vasilisa Vladykovskaia, for diving into the vast data set and shedding light on the topic of mental health. 

Congratulations to All!

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the individuals implicated in the organization of the BSL Business Innovation Week for their exceptional contributions to making it a resounding success!

To the dedicated guest speakers and coaches, your insights and expertise have truly enriched the event, setting a high standard for knowledge and inspiration.

To the students who organized, managed, and presented throughout the week, your hard work, dedication, and innovative thinking have been instrumental in creating a memorable and impactful event.

Special thanks to those who shared their knowledge, insights, and experiences, fostering meaningful discussions and insights into self-management and mental health.

Together, your collective efforts have made a significant and positive impact on the BSL community, demonstrating the power of collaboration, dedication, and passion for innovation.

Once again, congratulations to all for your outstanding contributions to the success of the BSL Business Innovation Week!