Can an MBA Degree Improve Your Career Prospects?

An MBA is a big investment in terms of time and money, which is why prospective students should ensure that it will help them to achieve their career ambitions. 

Fortunately, a Master in Business Administration (MBA) can do a lot to help you improve your leadership capabilities, advance your career and access higher ranking positions. Students enrolled in an MBA degree will learn leading management frameworks for strategic implementation, form valuable connections, and gain an international perspective and network. This is a perfect option for professionals who already have several years of experience and are ready to take a step up. 

Read on to find out how an MBA degree could help to improve your career prospects. 

An MBA Degree Could Help to Increase Your Annual Salary  

After graduating with a master in business administration, you might be hoping to earn a higher salary. Results from our 2017 placement report show that more than a third (38%) of students received an increase in salary after graduating with an MBA. As well as this, more than a third (38%) earned a merit-based promotion, and almost a quarter (23%) received an education-based promotion.

According to a recent GMAC survey, more than half (56%) of companies plan to increase MBA starting salaries for new hires. This shows that an MBA could be a great way to increase your earning potential over time.

Increase your earning potential with an MBA degree

Expand Your International Network to Prepare for Global Career Opportunities

The value of completing an MBA program isn’t just what you learn—it’s also who you meet. While you study at a business school in Switzerland, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside other experienced professionals from different sectors and countries. 

The student body at BSL is comprised of 85% international students, meaning that you will connect with other professionals from around the world with a global mindset. While studying, you will naturally develop cross-cultural communication skills as you work with others from different backgrounds and cultures. This could be a clear advantage in today’s international business world. As business becomes more and more global, employers are looking for professionals with a global perspective with persuasive communication skills. The experience that you gain at BSL can help you to succeed with an international company. 

Gain The Expertise that Employers Are Looking For

The faculty at BSL prioritizes real-life work experience and gives students the opportunity to put theory into practice, teaching you the nuances of applying management theories. The program includes a number of projects, and students will be encouraged to reflect on what they have learned and applied.

This experience could help you to access higher ranking positions. According to the 2017 placement report, almost half (46%) of MBA graduates had increased responsibility in terms of budget, people, and projects. 

In addition, research by GMAC shows that “employers overwhelmingly agree that business school graduates are prepared to be successful at their companies”. This is arguably because of the skills, connections, and experience that they gain at graduate school. Problem-solving and working with others are the main skills that employers and recruiters value in business school graduates.

  • Employers find that MBA graduates are well prepared for success

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