7 Reasons Why Lausanne, Switzerland is a Top Business School Study Destination

If you are interested in an international business school experience, there’s no better place to complete your studies than in Lausanne, Switzerland. Located on the shore of Lake Geneva, the city has a particular charm. From the early Gothic cathedral architecture to the vineyards lining its hills, this pedestrian-friendly city meets newcomers with much to see.

Aside from the beauty and history of Lausanne, the city’s current statistics impress even the most experienced business professionals. Lausanne consistently ranks highly amongst other cities in Switzerland and worldwide for criteria such as quality of life, the world’s best smallest city, overall happiness of expats, and more. Continue reading to discover what makes Lausanne, Switzerland, the best study destination for business school. 

1. Fifth Most Competitive City for Attracting, Growing and Retaining Talent

According to the Global City Talent Competitiveness Index (GCTCI), Lausanne ranks fifth in the world as the most competitive city for attracting, growing, and retaining talent. Behind Zurich, Lausanne was the second-ranked Swiss city in 2022, landing ahead of seventh-place Geneva. The smaller and more diverse population of Lausanne makes it a great place for innovation, learning, and business transformation. With so much talent drawn to the area, it is a great place to complete a business education and get the experience needed to thrive in the field.

Lausanne is ranked highly for quality of life, allowing for greater talent retention.

2. Discover an Ecosystem of Innovation and Start-ups

From start-up incubators to world-renowned research institutes, Lausanne is home to an entire network of innovation. The resources available to students and professionals in the city make it one of the most attractive places for a business school in Switzerland. Switzerland itself, for the twelfth time in a row, has been ranked in 2022 as the most innovative economy in the world, home to and attracting innovative entrepreneurs.

3. Benefit from Extensive Industrial Expertise

In Lausanne alone, there are over 30 headquarters for multinational companies in key sectors such as Finance, Information & Digital Technologies, Research & Development, Blockchain, AI & Machine Learning, Scale-Ups, Life Sciences & Health, and more. Students who choose Lausanne as their study destination find themselves in close proximity to the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Intellectual Property Organization, and World Trade Organization. For students looking to enhance their professional experience through co-ops, internships, and other industry positions, Lausanne serves as a high-opportunity destination.

4. A Hub of Learning Education Institutions and Accredited Business Schools

As a highly diversified city, it’s no surprise that many international residents flock to the area due to the extensive opportunities for learning at various educational institutions. Lausanne has a dense student population of about 35,000, with 11 higher education institutions in the city. BSL is an accredited business school, serving highly motivated Business students and senior Business people from over 60 different nationalities and helping them pursue their educational and professional goals, focusing on Business Transformation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship.

Business School Lausanne is an accredited higher education institute that helps students achieve their professional goals.

5. Exemplify the Ideal Work-Life Balance for outdoor lovers

Lausanne is in the heart of Europe and acts as a great launching point for exploring and enjoying easy access to transportation across Europe. The benefits of Lausanne are respected worldwide, and the New York Times ranked the city 38th among their top 52 places to visit in 2023. Lausanne itself is just 40 minutes from beautiful ski slopes and situated on the shores of Lake Geneva, which gives residents access to a variety of activities, such as visiting the beach, going for a quick swim, getting out on the water for an after work or after study paddle session, and more. Those living in Lausanne don’t take for granted the exceptional access they have to its natural beauty, giving them the motivation to pursue a healthy work-life balance. 

6. Find a Vibrant Lifestyle in Lausanne and enjoy the Festivals season in Switzerland

Switzerland, in general, boasts a rich culture, and Lausanne reflects that notion on a grand scale. From the gothic architecture to the ancient Roman dwellings on the outskirts of the city, being in Lausanne reminds each visitor of the vibrant history of the region. Lausanne is home to many theatres, drama companies, and festivals, including the Festival de la Cité and the Lausanne Lumières Festival, which bring the rich culture of the city into the hands of the residents. Lausanne is also close to two iconic Music Festivals: the Montreux Jazz Festival in Montreux and the Paleo Festival in Nyon. For those who enjoy the best quality foods and wish to impress their palette, Lausanne is home to over 700 regional specialties, from wine, cheeses, and lake fish, which add to the vibrant lifestyle of the city.

7. Center of International Sport

Lausanne is the Olympic Capital and is home to close to 60 International Sports Federations and Organizations. Embodying the Olympic Spirit, Lausanne was named the capital and the site of the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee thanks to the city’s immense hospitality for diverse individuals and its status as universally renowned. This high concentration of sports and athletes contributes positively to Lausanne’s economy, tourism, and international image. Trusted with the hosting of some of the most prestigious sports federations, Lausanne’s overall commitment to innovation and talent is further enhanced.

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