Disruptive Strategies for Sustainable Enterprises

Our professional development course, Disrupting the Business Model  – Strategies for a Sustainable Enterprise, starts on April 9 and we’re incredibly excited to see the roll-out of this new initiative. This 2-day course is geared towards those business professionals that want to kick their core competencies up a notch.

The course content tackles how to generate disruptive innovation by specifically looking at how to reframe today’s business challenges into strategic business opportunities. The training material will empower business leaders by providing them with knowledge, tools and methodologies to enact organizational change.

We will also look at how Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can help you align your business initiatives to ensure long-term and sustained growth. Students will also be taught strategies for getting their organization future ready, and how to use innovation process tools for strategic business reinvention. You will be guided through how to facilitate and manage complex multi-stakeholder processes, all with the aim of disrupting traditional business models, to allow for growth within a dynamic and shifting business environment.

This course has been developed for organizational leaders, corporate strategists and sustainability officers who are interested in gaining a deeper, more holistic understanding of disruptive business strategies. Class size is limited so it’s best to register as soon as possible to ensure you save your seat. For registration and ticket price information click here.