Why Networking Is Important While Pursuing Your MIB Degree

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The potential to network with other budding and established business professionals is one of the central reasons why people enroll in an MIB program. In fact, networking is one of the most useful things in a business professional’s toolbox, through which they can build relationships, access opportunities, and exchange information. 

In a report compiled by LinkedIn, 80% of professionals said they consider networking as important to their career success. Forging productive relationships is indispensable to being an effective business professional in today’s globalized, hyper-connected world. Business school is one of the perfect environments to start establishing an expansive network. There, you’ll constantly be in close contact with a diverse, international student body. This makes for great networking opportunities, which are facilitated by activities and offerings. Read on for reasons why networking is so important. 

The Exchange of Knowledge and Perspective at Graduate Business School

Networking works best when the relationships built are mutually beneficial, kind, and genuinely curious. Though networking is largely done in an organized way for specific, career-related purposes, it is still fundamentally about people and personal connections. Networking can bring about not only material opportunities, but also chances to learn about others’ professional journeys and careers, and to learn from their perspectives and opinions. 

Networking within your MIB program can provide you with valuable information and perspectives

Through networking, business professionals can retrieve valuable information and get industry insights. This can be valuable when the other person is from a widely different field to your own, as well as when they come from the same industry. Your time in graduate business school can help to facilitate this sharing of information. 

Access Employment Opportunities 

Networking can help you forge new business partnerships and access new opportunities. As a budding new business professional in an MIB program, this will be of central importance to you. The type of networking that’s specifically used to try and locate a job opportunity is known colloquially as “career networking”. 

Career networking is one of the main ways that employment opportunities are found. A LinkedIn survey in 2016 found that 70% of people were hired at a company where they had a connection. Expanding your network can improve your job pool by a wide margin. When you’re studying at BSL, you’ll make invaluable connections with other students, alumni, and companies. Through this, you can stay informed on employment opportunities in the fields you’re interested in. Not only that, but your network can also help you discover other opportunities as well. Entrepreneurs might find business partners. Established professionals might discover new clients or untapped markets by connecting with others. As you expand your network, you could find yourself accessing all kinds of opportunities you might not have previously considered. 

Develop Cultural Awareness by Building a Global Network

While at Business School Lausanne, you will encounter a diverse student body and alumni network who work in a variety of sectors around the globe. Together, these relationships can help you learn more about other cultures and develop your cultural awareness. This can help you gain a better understanding of proper business etiquette in other countries, which can help you avoid mishaps later on in your career.

Your network can help you develop cultural awareness

Fostering fruitful relationships is one of the main reasons why young professionals enroll in an MIB degree, and BSL integrates that need into its programming. The Careers Office regularly connects professionals from its expansive alumni network with current students and works to maintain connections through LinkedIn and other pathways. The close relationships between BSL and a variety of large corporations and international organizations enables relationship-building between students, alumni, and business professionals around the world. Career mentoring is also available, where professionals come to share their experiences and advise and encourage aspiring business leaders. There is also a dedicated alumni mentoring program, through which students earlier in their business career can be paired with more experienced professionals for a lucrative exchange of knowledge and advice. As a result of these many offerings, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to expand your network during your studies and tap into the many benefits this can provide.

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