Upskilling your Business and Personal Skills while pursuing your Doctoral Degree at Business School Lausanne

Develop at the same time your researcher, innovator and entrepreneurial mindset
with 10 new business and personal skills!

Throughout your Doctoral journey with BSL, you will not only earn a Doctoral level academic degree, but you will develop business and personal skills.

From the business point of view, you will also develop new business skills and develop further already existing business skills to a level that no other type of executive program can provide. A Doctoral journey is also a path toward personal development and transformation.

How is that so?

The process of conducting doctoral-level research is a unique experience in a career and in life, hence it leads to a profound professional and personal transformation.

A research degree cannot be compared to anything that you might have experienced so far.

Knowledge acquisition in Academia is mostly course-based, while at BSL our DBA degree gives you a unique opportunity to experience research-based knowledge acquisition.

Hence you will develop new working skills, becoming the owner of your own continuous learning process.

Develop your skillset while earning a Doctoral level degree at the same time:


1. Become an expert in your field – acquire new knowledge

You will acquire new knowledge in your field of business administration, by mastering the existing academic knowledge on top of your current practical business knowledge.

You will also learn what type of research has been conducted in your field of business expertise, what business problems have been solved through research and what type of data can be collected to solve business problems in your field of expertise. The case study research methodology will also enable you to discover best business practices from around the world throughout your DBA degree.

2. Learn new skills for problem-solving

You will learn how to use research methodologies for solving business problems not only at the level of your company but at the level of your industry.

You will develop the skill to transform businesses by rigorously applying research methodologies.

You will become an expert in information seeking and data analyzing, through research-based knowledge acquisition.

3. Make better decisions when facing uncertainty

You will develop further your capacity of taking risks by diving with your research into the unknown and by making judgment calls.

4. Become a true critical thinker

You will become a seasoned critical thinker, by learning to regularly challenge your own biases and assumptions and nurturing your critical thinking skills.

5. Create new professional opportunities for yourself by developing your consulting expertise

You will be able to create for yourself new professional opportunities by developing your consulting knowledge and by more thoroughly understanding the spectrum of business problems your industry is facing.

DBA degree
Students in our doctoral degree in business administration program refine both their personal and professional skills to improve their leadership abilities


6. Improve your communication skills

You will improve your communication skills by learning how to make highly technical and complex topics understandable, to a panel of peers and Faculty, during our Doctoral Accelerations weeks. During your doctoral degree in business administration, you will nurture your ability to debate, discuss and convince others, basing your arguments on facts and data.

7. Learn how to become resilient and persistent

A Doctoral journey is a challenging personal and professional journey, in which you will truly step out of your comfort zone, learn how not to give up when facing challenges and be persistent.

8. Learn when it is time to pivot and become comfortable with business transformation

You will also learn a very important entrepreneurial skill: the ability to pivot.

In the world of entrepreneurship, despite the efforts you put into a project, it is often necessary to change your approach and start anew. This means that you have to pivot and change your initial plan.

In the world of research, we encounter the same phenomenon, since we explore new possibilities.

doctoral degree in business administration

9. You will become comfortable with trial and error processes and develop an innovator’s mindset

The researcher’s mindset is very close to the innovator’s mindset since as a researcher you are diving into the realm of the unknown and are looking for new solutions to current or new business problems.

10. Develop a totally new international network

You will become part of a global network of like-minded senior business people who all aim at becoming change-makers in their respective industries.

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Dr. Dominique Bourqui
Dr. Dominique Bourqui

Chief Academic Officer & Director of the Doctoral School