Why Are the Best Leaders Self-Aware? 3 Things to Know During Your MIB Degree Education

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The most effective business leaders in the world may all have personalities that vary in major ways. Some may be quiet and reserved, while others may be fast-talking and extroverted. Despite key differences, the personal qualities of top business leaders remain the same in certain key areas. One of these is self-awareness. 

At Business School Lausanne, the experiential learning curriculum is explicitly and thoroughly designed so that students develop attitudes, values, and sensibilities that will nurture their capacity to become self-aware leaders. Through instruction, participation, and collaboration, students will become better business leaders by fostering a rigorous sense of self-awareness. Here are three reasons why this skill can make all the difference. 

They Are Better Able to Design Teams 

Through a strong and analytical sense of self-awareness, business leaders will be able to design, lead, and maintain teams that can withstand the pressures of the tasks at hand. A self-aware business leader can be honest about their own flaws and weaknesses, and thus will be more skilled at assessing the coherency of the teams they are a part of. This can lead to a revolutionary business transformation. 

At BSL, you’ll foster self-awareness by learning to collaborate effectively with teams

As a self-aware business leader, you will be able to pinpoint what your weaknesses and strengths are, and then form teams based on these characteristics. You will know to seek out others who have strengths in areas where you are weak. While studying your team-building capacity is strengthened through activities that involve active, critical collaboration. Working with others in a way that strengthens collaboration as well as independent thinking and initiative, your ability to work in teams and your adeptness at self-awareness will both be developed simultaneously. 

You Can Have Happier, More Satisfied Employees After You Attain Your MIB Degree 

Self-aware business leaders tend to have employees who are more satisfied. While studying for your MIB degree, you will understand this tendency on a direct level. During collaborative exercises, whether in class, during Business Innovation Weeks, by joining the Student Council, completing your Internship, or participating in company projects, you will understand how efficient it is to work with other business professionals who score high in self-awareness. 

Self-awareness isn’t only good for employee satisfaction. It’s also helpful in terms of revenue. Studies have shown that poorly-performing companies tended to be comprised of people with lower overall self-awareness, while the converse also held true. 

You Can Increase Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Communicator 

Self-awareness is one of the core components that comprise emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence is highly valued and sought-after in the business world, as it is indicative of good leadership in several key areas. Emotional intelligence can be summarized as the ability to recognize and understand emotions in yourself as well as in others. BSL’s personalized learning for impact is designed in such a way as to foster unprecedented growth in emotional intelligence. 

Self-awareness can improve your ability to communicate effectively

A business leader who is self-aware will be able to understand what they are feeling and how it influences their own behavior. Self-awareness will also ensure that they understand the effects their actions have on others. This kind of emotional intelligence can improve your ability to communicate effectively. This is important, for as a business leader, your ability to succeed in your role is largely contingent on how respectfully, convincingly, and effectively you can communicate. 

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