Why It’s Beneficial to Attend Graduate Business School in a Multicultural Environment

Business is a field where new opportunities can be found all over the globe, and where teams and companies often span countries and continents. This is just one reason why learning about business in a multicultural environment will serve you well. Since business programs attract students of various nationalities, you can find yourself collaborating with peers from all over the world through experiential learning exercises and class projects. Gaining experience working with a culturally diverse group of fellow business students can help prepare you for life after your graduate degree. However, this is just one of the many benefits of learning in this environment.

Here’s why studying in a multicultural environment can pay dividends for you while pursuing your MBA.

Business Is Global, and Thinking With a Global Mindset Is Key to Success

As the business world has grown, so has the importance of globalization in order for businesses to thrive. Thus, it’s important to view business through a global lens, particularly if you are to do business with other countries in the future. Understanding how different cultures operate in business compared to your own culture, and how cultural nuances motivate how business leaders function and make decisions, can help you improve your ability to see business in ways that aren’t specific to your own country or any ethnocentric business interests. If you’re working in a globalized business environment, learning how cultural customs affect the behaviors of your peers can help equip you for greater success. This is especially true in an institution like Business School Lausanne, which uses practical, experiential learning to help students prepare for the business world.

Working alongside other cultures can help you better understand a global business world

Understanding Diversity in Business Can Have Benefits After Your Degree

As much as learning the importance of diversity and global business viewpoints is important while you’re completing your MBA degree, it can also be of benefit to you after your studies have completed. Should you do your graduate degree at Business School Lausanne, you will be entering an institution where 85% of students do not come from Switzerland. Between this and BSL’s small class sizes, this allows you to create a network of business connections with people from around the world. These are people with whom you can not only stay in touch following your studies, but who could potentially help lead you to employment opportunities. Furthermore, many companies value employees who have a thorough understanding of diversity, with some major companies such as Airbnb and Google having hired high-level employees with expertise in this topic.

Business School Lausanne consists of an 85% international student body

Completing Your MBA Degree in a Multicultural Environment Expands Your Worldview

One of the most important takeaways from studying alongside a diverse group of students while in graduate business school is that it can open you up to those students’ viewpoints and perspectives. If you want your business career to lead to you working in another country at some point, this is especially worth emphasizing. Working alongside businesspeople of other cultures can also lead to increased generation of ideas, and more nuanced dialogue on business-related issues and how to overcome obstacles related to global business ventures. Since Business School Lausanne’s student body is highly diverse, this can allow you to interact with students from diverse backgrounds, as well as learn their values, customs, and how they think about business and the world.

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