Seizing the GenAI Momentum: The Imperative of Adaptability in Marketing’s Fast-Track Landscape, but not only!

In today’s rapidly evolving digital realm, the trajectory of reaching a global user base has accelerated exponentially. From the telephone, which took 75 years to reach 100 million users, to ChatGPT, which achieved the same feat in less than two months, the narrative underscores the speed of change we’re immersed in. Each technological leap brings forth a shorter timeline, hinting at an almost breathless pace of global adoption and diffusion.

One of the frontiers leading this accelerated evolution is Generative AI (GenAI), a tool that holds the promise of not only enhancing efficiency but birthing innovation and new business avenues. A recent study by McKinsey & Company provides a poignant insight into the gap between aspiration and action when it comes to GenAI adoption in marketing and sales. While a staggering 90% of leaders believe GenAI should be utilized “often” for commercial activities, the reality reflects a stark contrast with less than 20% “often” use in practice .

At BSL Business School of Lausanne, we perceive this gap as a call to action. The discrepancy between aspiration and real-world application is a clear call to shatter the status quo and embrace the transformative potential of GenAI wholeheartedly.

An impressive number of AI applications, in almost every domain, have emerged within a very short period of time. Some of those applications might disrupt the way we work or live. Be My Eyes, an app designed for visually impaired individuals, uses GPT-4 to convert images into text for immediate identification and support. Character.AI, allows users to develop and chat with AI-generated characters, potentially simulating real-world interactions like job interviews. The list is endless and the urgency to adapt is palpable. The quicker we align our marketing strategies with the dynamism of GenAI, the better poised we are to ride the wave of opportunities it unfurls. It’s about stepping beyond the familiar, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and aligning our passions with the possibilities that GenAI presents.

At BSL, the vision is clear – to weave GenAI into the fabric of our marketing endeavors, fostering a culture of innovation that resonates with the pace of change. The journey may challenge our conventional approaches, but the potential to create new business opportunities, spur innovation, and deliver engaging experiences is an exciting prospect that beckons.

The essence of this narrative is not just about acknowledging the speed of change, but expressing how we actively engage with it. As we march into the future with GenAI as a companion, the aim is to not only keep pace with the evolution but to define a new chapter on how to do Business.

Vittoria Gambirasi

Head of Marketing
Business School Lausanne

Guest Speaker
41 North Business School