Dr. Dominique Bourqui shares her expertise on the role of the Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education

On February 16th, 2022, Dr. Dominique Bourqui, Chief Academic Officer, Director of the Doctoral School & Professor, was invited as speaker and panelist to the International Webinar “Transforming Higher Education with Entrepreneurial Mindset and Learning Methods” at the University of Surakarta on the occasion of its 23rd Anniversary.

Dr. Bourqui’s intervention followed the presentation of Professor Teuku Faisal Fathani, Director for Research, Technology, and Community Services at the Ministry of Education in Indonesia. Prof. Fathani described the central plan of the ministry to transform higher education by nurturing and creative and competitive human capital. Prof. Fathani insisted on the importance that the opportunities open by the scientific research materialize in economic growth. A process in which Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Mindset play a key role.

The webinar gathered representatives of various Asian countries, including Philippines and Vietnam, who all acknowledged the central role of Entrepreneurial Mindset in 21st Century Higher Education.

Dr. Bourqui’s presentation described the guiding principles that foster the development of Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education: the operational description of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and the connection of all actors of the organization, including administrative and teaching teams, and student body.

Dr. Bourqui introduced the five pillars of the BSL Entrepreneurial Mindset Development Framework: Higher education curriculum, Student empowerment, Student’s startup incubator, Entrepreneurial Faculty, and Management with entrepreneurial expertise. The panel discussion that followed the presentation underlined the key value of the model in their respective concepts.

Watch the full presentation of Dr. Bourqui here below: