Students and researchers from all the BSL programs discuss societal changes

Students and researchers, representing all BSL programs, gathered to discuss societal changes and sustainability during the virtual Business Innovation Week on Tuesday, 10 November 2020.

Dr. Dominique Bourqui, Chief Academic Officer at BSL, invited Doctoral and MBA students to share some research findings and information related to their innovative projects in sustainable business, with Bachelor and Master students.

A current EMBA student, Anna Chilton, has already led significant initiatives fostering sustainability in the food and wine industries. She updated students on the latest developments in sustainable winery, emphasizing the rapid evolution of this sector from its traditional model towards greater sustainability. You can read more about Anna’s views on sustainable winery by reading her latest article here:

Nicole Watson, also an EMBA student at BSL, presented a program of the “econic earth foundation” called “Watts on – lighting students’ lives”. The goal of the program is to use solar energy to improve access to education in Kenya. It involves “partnering with local communities and schools to provide portable solar lights for student and includes coordination with the local community and education municipalities, a training and sensitization day aimed at students, parents and teachers, solar light distribution, data collection and follow-up on educational performance” (

Corlea Human, a DBA student, presented her research in the fight against extreme poverty in South Africa. Corlea is the President of the Human Salmon Foundation. This foundation supports some of the programs of the Sabba Movement that co-creates pattern-breaking social change for people living in extreme poverty through sustainable, values-based community development. Her research question is the following: “How can Social Entrepreneurial Organisations contribute to sustainability and facilitate the eradication of extreme poverty through the transformation of their business models and governance practices while becoming financially independent?”.

The three students will also participate in the upcoming Symposium on Societal Transition Pathways, co-organized by BSL and EPFL, on Friday, 20 November 2020.

Before and after these inspiring testimonials, Professor Sascha Nick and Dr. Ganesh Nathan provided students with insights into the scientific and ethical questions raised by current and future societal changes.

Students who seek knowledge, should engage with students creating knowledge. This approach underpins the BSL Business Education Philosophy that aims to bring experiential learning and business transformation together.