Advanced BBA Degree Studies Lead to Employment Success at the Bachelor Level

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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree at BSL allows you to deepen your understanding of your future personal and professional development. Our school supports your preparation for professional life by offering a comprehensive Bachelor that helps you gain access to employment experience and professional skill development.

Don’t just take our word for it – hear from BBA student Joao Dassoler, who we interviewed this month to help you gain insight into what earning a degree from BSL looks like. Joao was not only offered an initial internship during his studies at BSL, but was also offered an internship extension, followed by a job offer. Continue reading to learn about Joao’s experience with BSL and how it has improved his employment prospects.

Developing Career Direction After a BBA Degree at BSL

Our BBA degree programs offer wide and balanced foundations for future business leaders. This allows you to gain the foundational knowledge you need and apply it to your field of interest. Our programs come in various formats: 2 years, 3 years with an internship option, Double Degree (Dublin or Paris), and the Entrepreneurial Learning Program with experiential learning.

We asked Joao how his BBA program helped him create direction for his studies and career efforts. “The flexibility of the BBA program and the diversity of business industries we as students are exposed to during classes and events at BSL allowed me to grasp the big picture of several sectors and specialize in the ones that interested me the most,” he told us. “The skills I have developed at BSL, including cross-cultural communication skills, creative problem solving, and project management, have supported me in several of my daily tasks at my internship.”

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When you earn your BBA degree from BSL, you receive personalized career mentoring

Joao received career support, as all of our students do, in consolidating his professional profile and improving his employability. “Daniele Ticli, Head of Careers Office, has helped me immensely in consolidating a professional and engaging application package and discovering the roles that would best fit my personal and professional goals.” With the expert guidance available at BSL, combined with Joao’s hard work and skill development, he was able to go on to land an internship at Santander.

Tips for Securing an Internship During Your Studies

We asked Joao what he thinks would be helpful for you to consider when trying to obtain an internship during your studies at our business school in Switzerland. “Look for an industry you are genuinely passionate about, and create a complete and honest profile on Linkedin. Follow people that represent your interests and match your professional goals,” he suggested.

He went on to stress the importance of networking and participation in both local and global groups. “Get involved in communities that represent your professional interests. And if you don’t find one, create your own!”

With a new internship offer on the table at Santander, Joao was able to accept and build off of his knowledge and skils in a working role. “My role was to assist in reviewing client portfolios, developing investment proposals and strategies, identifying investment opportunities, monitoring investments across asset classes, and creating content related to global markets,” he told us. 

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In a supportive and challenging environment at BSL, you can develop your skills and progress your professional development

A New Meaning for Business Education

Joao has now had the opportunity to apply his business knowledge first-hand in the real world while he completes his studies. While this is incredible, it is not uncommon for students at BSL to obtain similar internships and work experiences throughout their programs. For Joao, his initial 6-month-long internship was extended, and he was offered another 6 months. Following his internship, this turned into a hired position.

“I have been offered a part-time job that will allow me to finish my studies at BSL while working at the Bank. I am thrilled with that since I will be able to keep contributing to my team and learning from experience while boosting my business learning during my last semester at BSL,” Joao told us. 

His professional experience was extended through his hard work and opportunities with Santander, but his journey began on campus at BSL, where he helped set up the BSL Investment Club. “The creation of the Investment Club has been a powerful learning experience for me. The goal of the student society is to engage members in discussions about financial markets and create opportunities for students to connect with influential people in the industry,” he said. “Developing the Investment Club and being part of it has added value to my application package and experience. In my opinion, regardless of where you did your bachelor’s studies, the extracurricular activities you participated in and projects you developed during your time in college can make you stand out when applying to internships.”

The opportunities that await you at BSL will help you launch your career efforts with confidence and innovation.

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