My Story Is My Advice. BSL Students host Ch Daniel of Legit Check.

On Monday, November 9th, BSL Bachelor and Master students invited Ch Daniel in the Fall Business Innovation Week framework.

Ch Daniel is the founder of Legit Check by Ch and of the CH Group. His company helps customers identify if their purchases are authentic by verifying them with a clever counterfeit identification system.

In a world where new selling methods and channels appear by the minute, value for money requires to stay away from fakes. Ch Daniel clearly identified and understood how to solve this specific problem of the global marketplace.

His perfect knowledge of the Economy of Trust is merely impressive, just as is his awareness of the latest marketing trends. However, Ch Daniel’s instinct for value creation kept his presentation away from a long and monotonous inventory of the advantages and achievements of Legit Check. Instead, Ch Daniel shared some crucial insights on Entrepreneurship with BSL students.

Here are a few things we learned by listening to Ch Daniel today.

First, Ch Daniel is passionate about his project. Yet, what he really cared for in his presentation was to say something useful to our students. In other words, your job as an entrepreneur is not to love your product but to see if and how you can make others love it.

Ch Daniel is excellent at making the most out of the resources he has at hand. He praised the notion of bootstrapping, and one of his refreshing claims was: “don’t be afraid to be scrappy”. As a matter of fact, his slides’ conception was one of the most creative uses I have ever seen in Powerpoint. A black background is perfect for Zoom, by the way.

Even though Ch Daniel professes a certain reluctance to theorize, some parts of his presentation went a very long way.

Among the tips and tricks, he shared with the audience, he gave the advice of not going into something unless you have a clear advantage. I don’t know about you, but I cannot help but remember Sun Tzu’s Art of War: “On contentious ground, attack not.”

Ch Daniel sees this principle at the heart of Entrepreneurship, which he defines as a series of de-risking initiatives. Quite an elegant way to approach the concepts of opportunities and risk at the heart of the reflection on entrepreneurs.

Another idea at the center of Daniel’s speech was: “don’t trust my words and look at my actions”. Not very far from the quote chosen for Gandhi’s statue in the Ariana Park in Geneva, that says: “My life is my message.”

You should now understand where the title of the blog comes from. More importantly: Simple speech goes a long way, provided that the speaker digs into their authentic experience.

This idea also lies at the heart of the BSL Business Education Philosophy, which insists on the value of experiential learning. The Business Innovation Weeks were actually born as a signature feature of BSL, celebrating the trust we have in our students and their talents.