Student Success Stories: How Pablo Celi Launched his Company While Pursuing His EMBA in Sustainable Business at BSL

With more than 20 years of experience working in a variety of Latin American companies and industries, Pablo Celi came to Switzerland and achieved his goal of becoming an entrepreneur. He arrived with his family following his wife’s career and set out to improve his own business profile, enhancing his skills through BSL’s Executive MBA in Sustainable Business.

“The program seemed relevant to me. I believe most of the companies are focused on this topic, going from a ‘nice to have’ into a basic need for doing business. It’s relevant for all industries […] and professionally, it’s a ‘must have’ in a profile, I believe,” Pablo says. An increasing number of customers are demanding sustainable business practices, pushing many businesses to focus on sustainability as a priority. Pablo adds, “[Sustainability] is bringing companies to a new level of consciousness beyond the financial result.” This makes sustainable business skills incredibly valuable for future business organic management and growth.

Read on to learn how Pablo utilized these skills and his unique background to launch his own business in Switzerland.

Finding Opportunities and Launching Swiss Sustainable Business GmbH (SSB GmbH)

For Pablo, launching his own business wasn’t the initial intention when he first arrived in Switzerland from Ecuador. He was looking for work opportunities when he came across BSL’s EMBA in Sustainable Business. It provided him with local knowledge and a wide vision from a global perspective—allowing him to augment his professional profile, gain new business perspectives, and create meaningful relationships with local business partners. In this way, he found the niche market where Swiss and European companies with the highest standards are willing to expand their commercial operations to Latin America—avoiding all the obstacles such as exchange rate, investment, structure, and market knowledge.

Pablo arrived in Switzerland with his family, following his wife’s professional career

“Whilst studying, I have made new friends and met local people. The opportunity of making a local business came [through] talking with them and understanding their needs.” Pablo launched Swiss Sustainable Business GmbH (SSB GmbH) as a way to provide European companies with the best introduction strategy for Latin America.

Through Swiss Sustainable Business GmbH (SSB GmbH), Pablo offers his experience and know-how to local producers, providing them with adapted and immediate answers to market introduction problems. “I reduce risk and provide the most efficient strategy for producers and distributors because I am always working with the best: the most efficient distributors with the largest and biggest companies and partners in Latin America,” he shares. “My mission is focused on service. I analyze, understand and provide the best market penetration strategy according to the expectations and needs of local companies [wanting] to reach the Latin American market in the best way.”

Applying EMBA Skills to Further Enhance Career and Business Development

While working towards his EMBA degree, Pablo was able to expand his local business knowledge and build his skills in sustainable business management. He was also able to benefit from the school’s vibrant learning environment, where young and seasoned business professionals, both local and international, contribute to memorable learning experiences. “We had a lot of very interesting professors with huge experience in so many companies, in so many industries. It’s always so rich to hear from them,” Pablo shares in his interview.

“One of the strengths of the program is the entrepreneurial mindset,” Pablo adds. The program gives students the opportunity to apply in-class concepts to real-world projects that often become the launching pad for start-ups—allowing them to develop a comprehensive consulting report that covers everything from market research and business strategy to human resources and risk management.  

This hands-on experience, combined with the unique background and skill set of each student, nurtures an entrepreneurial mindset—one that helped Pablo successfully launch Swiss Sustainable Business GmbH and continue its growth.

BSL’s program provides students with a collaborative and vibrant learning environment

Key Insights and Advice for Those Earning an EMBA in Sustainable Business

During his interview, Pablo Celi shares valuable insights that can help those considering an Executive MBA in Sustainable Business. He highlights the importance of adaptability, passion for new ideas, as well as the ability to embrace change and challenges. He also emphasizes the importance of people for those interested in business. “Knowing more about everyone, I think, it’s one of the best things you can do. It’s to know people and understand them and their background well.”

Moving forward, Pablo aspires to continue growing his business. “I am looking for long-term partner relationships with the company—doing good business, always looking for a win-win situation, supporting local companies to grow sustainably.” With his professional experience and background, Pablo anticipates an interesting and exciting business journey ahead. 

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