Leading Positive Change: How BSL Fosters Creativity, Diversity, and Global Leadership

Young people today are looking for a career that encourages diversity, innovative thinking, and positive leadership. This blog will discuss how students at BSL are taught to respond to today’s global challenges and to consider how business strategies can operate as a force for good i.e. by encouraging diversity of views, cultural collaboration, and sustainable practices. With an emphasis on the Sustainable Business program, the blog will focus on how students are given the chance to redefine the economic, environmental, and social dimensions of the business world.

Sustainable business is at the crossroads of new knowledge and new business practices in all industries. At Business School Lausanne, students not only become familiar with new business topics and develop innovative thinking, but they also explore new ways of learning to become inspiring and effective leaders that can have a positive impact in a world of ever-changing paradigms.

Sustainability has been a topic of choice at BSL for over a decade. The SDG Explorer course, which has been in the BBA curriculum for several years, has recently received the endorsement of the UN.

As of September 2021, Master’s students will be able to choose a Sustainability Concentration that will teach the latest frameworks and business practices – such as ESG, sustainable supply chain management, circular economy and social entrepreneurship competencies.

Bachelor and Master Students of all concentrations will also follow new courses on Diversity and Inclusion to help them understand the importance and value of the diversity of views and learn how to develop truly diverse collaborative working environments

BSL students learn in a diverse and collaborative environment

The new topics BSL students are exposed to is not the only way they learn positive leadership and innovative thinking. Experiential learning opportunities are numerous, and they all focus on the same soft skills development. By placing action at the heart of learning, experiential learning opportunities foster challenging, collaborative, and inclusive learning paths. More so, experiential learning offers learning experiences in direct relationship to Sustainability. 

During their studies, in the framework of the Business Innovation Weeks, or as their final step in their curriculum, BBA and Master students can give a personal orientation to their learning path in sustainable business through close interaction with industry experts of their choice, through an Internship within a social enterprise or by starting their own social entrepreneurship project. For several years, Bachelor and Master students are able to complete internship opportunities in NGOs or « Sustainability-Focused and socially responsible » companies in Switzerland and abroad.

Last but not least, the internationally replicable format of the Academics Citizens’ Assembly, focusing on sustainability-related issues, co-created by BSL and EPFL is a disruptive way to empower learners, teachers, and researchers to work on a Swiss societal transition towards a sustainable future.

The above are some examples of how students at BSL are taught to respond to today’s global challenges and invited to consider how business strategies can operate as a force for good and supporting sustainable practices.

We would love to find out more about your passion for leveraging business as a Force for Good and forging your career path.  

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