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The Power of our Master’s Program

A Master’s degree must be a step towards the job of your dreams; not just a first job, or an ambitious career plan.

We have carefully packed the core curriculum of our Master of International Business with the skills that make a real difference in a Business program : Coding, Big Data, Entrepreneurial Skills.

We have specifically designed concentrations in fields that require specific knowledge and tools : Entrepreneurial Leadership, Finance & Sustainability.

We have left an important space to you, for your personal initiative during your capstone. You can opt for a paid internship in Switzerland, the development of your entrepreneurial project, a semester in a leading Chinese university or even the preparation for the CFA Designation.

We provide you with the structure and expertise with which to support you throughout your academic journey. However, the driving power of a BSL Master’s degree rests with you.

Acting Dean

Get professional experience on the go

BCV, Novartis, UEFA, KPMG, United Nations, Microsoft, AirBnB, Warner Bros, Merck Group, WWF, Credit Suisse, Deloitte, Nestlé, Infiniti, World Economic Forum, IBM, Philips, Medtronic, World Health Organization, Ferrero and European Investment Bank.

These companies might be familiar to you and they are to us as well. Our alumni have successfully landed positions with these companies.

With help from the Careers Office, you will have direct access to companies and internship positions in industries that are related to your area of study. Having access to internships will not only complement your studies, but it will give you the opportunity to enhance your network as well as to gain real-world experience prior to completing your degree and often increasing your chances for employment when you successfully become a Master in the field of business.

Find out more in the career & employability section of this program.

Data Analysis Skills

Gaining the ability and understanding on how to analyze, consolidate and understand data, while being able to effectively communicate findings through writing, reports, summaries or visualizations, is key in any business function.

We at BSL recognize the need for these skills and have over 10% of our Masters program that focuses on improving them. With courses such as Quantitative Methods, Computational Skills and Digital Business Transformation you will not only learn the theory, but will acquire and retain these skills through practical examples and application.

No matter which field you are interested in or area of work that life brings you to, these foundational skills will be ones that you can build upon to reach your goals, no matter what the future has in store for you.

Find out more about the courses you will be taking at BSL.

Where we stand out from the rest  

  • Real business learning
    Our faculty consists exclusively of seasoned and currently active business practitioners who bring the latest business knowledge into the classroom, every day.
  • Beyond business as usual
    Our Master’s Programs take an unconventional approach that broadens the mind beyond the traditional teaching of business, entrepreneurship, management and finance.
  • Personalized approaches
    Small classes of a maximum of 22 students ensure a personalized teaching approach and allow for a highly dynamic and interactive learning environment.
  • Professional networks
    Over 60 nationalities are represented by BSL’s student body and faculty, allowing you to develop an important global network for life.

Internship Stories

Take a moment to read about previous students and how having access to internships is essential for personal and professional growth.

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Program Format

Duration: 18 months

Start Dates: September and February

Number of courses: 18 (Coursework is completed over the first 1 year)

Workload: 4-5 half-day classes per week (Mon-Fri) plus independent learning

Experiential Learning: Four 1-week long Business Innovation Weeks (BIW)

Number of terms: 4 terms per academic year. Each term takes 10 weeks (9 weeks course work, 1 week BIW), plus 2 terms full-time for the capstone

Program credits: 120 ECTS (5 ECTS per course, 2.5 ECTS per BIW and 20 ECTS for the capstone)

Curious about the impact our E/MBA will have on your career?

Connect with Melanie Le Chene and learn how an E/MBA at BSL can bring you to the next steps in your career!

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A Masters’ degree or an MBA?

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Our MBA program covers accounting, marketing, economics, operations, strategy, and finance offering key insights into all organizational operations with the goal of understanding how each department functions and the effects of particular business decisions can have on them.

Working full time? You should not dismiss the possibility of studying part time if you are looking to advance your career!

MBA cohorts are seeing:

  • Flexibility in programs for working individuals
  • Growing numbers of MBA candidates across Europe
  • Increase of female candidates as gender equality becomes more prevalent in the workplace

MBA Graduates are seeing increased requirements such as :

  • Employment experience with track-record of responsibilities and team management
  • Up-to-date skillset including emotional intelligence & self-awareness/analysis capacities

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