Julien de Grandbois – Switzerland & Canada

Associate Professor

Prof. Julien de Grandbois teaches courses on the subject of “Entrepreneurship” at the Bachelor’s level at BSL. He has extensive multi-continental experience in academic and corporate cultures. Julien launched and managed start-up firms involving small and mid-capital businesses in information technologies, printing, education tourism and media. He created multinational education programs.

He developed ventures in agro, bio, power, foods, pharmaceutical, universities graduate education, environmental technologies, museum, sports, scientific bursaries, grants, e-trading and internet.

Chairman of a global education commission on banking reorganization, he served as panel moderator to UN Earth Summits on sustainable technologies. Corporate advisor to a reputed global brand, Julien performed intermediation in project finance and fundraising, and private/public mediation services.

As business professor, Julien created accredited graduate degree programs. He brings BSL students his quality exposure to start-ups, corporate management and business education. Julien has lectured on start-ups creating new wealth, corporate management, environment technologies and fundraising at leading-edge universities in America, Europe, Middle-East, China/Asia.

Julien advised CEO’s on innovation, change management, “clean-techs” and coached entrepreneurial students to launch their companies. Elected Municipal Councilor to five Geneva Legislatures, Julien has initiated a variety of public works. In brief, his personal motto is “Your life is what you make it”.

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