Dr. Jan Erik Meidell – Norway


Ph.D and Professor at Business School Lausanne and visiting lecturer at IFM Université, aSSIST (Seoul) and IMD with courses in finance, statistics, Python/HTML/Javascript/Java and artificial intelligence. Former CFO and CEO (approved director with FINMA) from the investment and industry sectors. Experience in developing algorithms, statistical trading strategies, and software for financial markets and corporate finance.
Certified Derivative market maker (high frequency, proprietary trading) on several exchanges including EUREX.
Swiss National Bank’s Gerzensee one year PhD course in economics and econometrics for doctoral students. Senior Software programmer for web and mobile phone applications. (Java, Swift, Javascript, SQL)
Entrepreneur and active (in various roles) in three early and mid-stage start-ups; professional trading software, fund investment, and industry.
I am fluent in German, French, English, Norwegian and Russian and I am a supporter of sustainability initiatives and believe in equality, resilience, integrity, and discipline.

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