Dr. Jan Erik Meidell

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: Norwegian

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Professor Dr. Jan Erik Meidell is professor at Business School Lausanne (BSL) and lecturer at HEG Geneva, the Applied University of Sciences in Seoul and at IMD with courses in finance, statistics, data analysis and AI. Next to his academic duties, Prof. Dr. Meidell is director at the software company Lexigo.

His former experience includes positions as CFO and CEO (approved director with Swiss Financial Authorities) from finance (investment) and industry. In his early career, he was active as a derivative market maker (high frequency, proprietary trading) on European and US exchanges, where he was part of teams developing AI trading strategies for trading. More recently and before retiring into academics and software development, he was an active entrepreneur and active in three start-ups: building professional trading software, starting fund investment, and in the packing and beverage industry.

He completed the Swiss National Bank’s PhD course in economics and econometrics for doctoral students and has a PhD from NHH (Norwegian School of Economics) and the University of Lausanne.

Favorite Research Topics
  • Machine learning and AI and advanced trading and investment strategies
  • Digitalization and AI in administrative and ERP systems
  • Data analysis and data automatization

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