Nicole Watson

2022 Management Report

NYOTA Hub ‘Off-Grid Electricity Access Through E-Hub Clusters Systems’                               


The NYOTA HUB ie: the ‘e-hub cluster concept’ is a mini-grid system that is modular and portable and was developed through my exposure and experience to working in rural regions with the non-profit I founded in 2015, the ‘econic earth foundation’ which focuses on renewable energy empowerment programs for students living off-grid[1].  I was also inspired by spending time in off-grid communities in India and Sub-Saharan Africa where I was able to understand from the local level, barriers that remain for both energy access, and economic stability.  Additionally, through multiple interviews, years of research, feedback and insights from my local team, discussions with engineers and an innate passion to build an impact driven business model that empowers communities, combined, that allowed me to develop this business concept as part of my recently completed Executive MBA in Sustainable Business at Business School Lausanne, Switzerland. 


Imagine, clustered mini-grid hubs illuminated in the dark of night and scattered across a baron landscape.  From above the e-hubs appear like stars fallen to the earth, scattered in an array, shaped in forms of constellations.  Each cluster is specific to an area and managed by a remote digital operation system maintaining efficiency.

NYOTA HUB, referred to as the ‘E-Hub’ (short for electricity hub) will function as both a commercial trading station for small rural communities and provide for electric mobility charging stations.  Functioning in Cluster Systems of multiple e-Hubs they will serve large regions of small off-grid communities. NYOTA Hub is an off-grid electrification design that aims to lift communities from poverty while generating revenue from rental fees and electricity sales.  We are focused on building commercial hubs to create income generating activities (capacity building), and allow for accessible services and mobility for rural communities, starting in Kenya.