Dr. Sandra Schlick

Business School Professor and Doctoral Supervisor

Nationality: Swiss

Professional Career & Mini Bio

Dr. Sandra Schlick is an experienced lecturer – mathematics, statistics, research methodology, business – and supervisor of M.Sc. and DBA candidates. She holds a B.Sc. in Machine Construct, worked at the development of the IC 2000 Train engine, and later at Product Data Management for a power work. She holds a Master’s degree in European Integration that deepened her understanding of the European market. Dr. Sandra Schlick has accomplished her secondary studies apart from her B.Sc. as a part-time candidate while working and teaching.

She has a PhD from De Montfort University, UK in strategic management with a focus on dynamic analysis approaches of the main competing companies within the Swiss telecom market.

Her research concerns strategic management, specifically strategic analysis, process and systems-oriented viewpoints, roles, and communication. She currently  works on how to position and apply evaluative analysis approaches in research and this approach can be set up in business cases.

Favorite research topics
  • Strategic analysis
  • Process and systems approaches towards strategy
  • Role orientation in companies
  • Communication in companies

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