Patricia Carolina Lopez Miranda

MBA in Sustainable Business

I was born and raised in El Salvador to a wonderful family that has always inspired me to live a life of purpose. I moved abroad when I was eighteen, and since then I have filled my life with amazing personal and professional experiences. I have always felt blessed for the opportunities presented in my life, but continuously sought for more; I kept going back to El Salvador with the dream of making a difference. I wanted to use my experience and knowledge to give back to society and contribute in a positive way.  Then, something wonderful happened and I was presented with a great opportunity. I co-founded The Impact Hub San Salvador and I couldn’t be more excited about everything that we accomplished in such a short period of time: meaningful networking and content, mentoring programs, community. Every day, I am mesmerized by the drive and passion that Salvadorans have and I couldn’t be more proud to be one.  I feel blessed to now have this opportunity to complete the MBA in Sustainable Business at BSL and I am already excited to see how I will apply this new experience when I return home.