Dr. Shamaila Gull – Pakistan

Doctoral Alumnae

Nationality: Pakistani

Highest Academic Degree: Master in Business and Information Technology (MBIT)

Institution / University: Institute of Business and IT, Punjab University, Lahore, Pakistan

Professional Career

I have been working as lecturer for more than seven years now. I have taught courses of both Management and Marketing. A closed interaction with books during my teaching career has strengthened my conceptual and theoretical base. I have supervised more than 10 master level thesis. I have several research articles and books published by different international publishers. Being an elected member of Board of Governors of my university, I am serving as member of several central administrative committees of the university.

Research Interest

My key area of interest is to explore the methods which can be adopted by the organizations to develop a sustained ethical culture in organizations especially in developing countries. I want to study the behaviors of the employees in the organizations which are still in the process of instilling ethical practices. Only, the ethically mature employees can play a vital role in creating sustained cultures in the organizations. Adopting and implementing sustainability practices as part of the culture is dependent upon the commitment of employees which is reinforced by the management practices

Research Specialty

Ethics, Culture, Corporate Social Responsibility

Statement of Motivation for a DBA

The key motivational factor for doing this DBA program is to solidify my grip on research based knowledge. I want to excel in the field of academics for which I desperately want to enhance my knowledge base. I want to link the theoretical and conceptual understandings with practical paradigms. This program will be a springboard for my career. Being a citizen of a developing country, I can be of great help to the organizations and other social entities to get awareness about sustainability practices and concerns.

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